Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Project 365, Week 4

Lots happening in our country this week, lots of history being made, lots of reasons to pray. I thought of (and took comfort in) this verse all day Thursday:

The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; 
he turns it wherever he will.
Proverbs 21:1

January 16
A fairly quiet Martin Luther King Day. Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. :)

January 17
Such a good helper and a gentleman...also fun company.

Love seeing the kids active and learning.

January 18
This is how Aiden attends his sisters basketball games. :)

January 19
All the other kids regularly have friends over after school, but this was Aiden's first time. The boys had fun together. Its funny to watch a new person get acclimated to our household. They really like it, but its usually not something they've experienced before. The activity, the random people in and out, etc.

January 20
So fun to find beautiful nature photos on my phone that a kid took...I want them to always be notice-ers and to have a sense of wonder and awe.

The unplanned blue team. :)

We all went to a special service at church. A friend of ours shared his personal story of drug addiction and redemption. After several difficult years of hurt and pain and shame, God redeemed him and he is now a pastor with a precious family. What "Satan means for evil, God can use for good", if we're willing to let Him use it. Powerful!

January 21
We had a couple cousins sleep over and after swim classes, we stayed for open swim so everyone could join in.

As we were walking out I laughed to myself at what a scrappy bunch they made. :)

January 22
Another amazing weather day. We took an almost three hour walk and explored nature, no doubt giving the birds and squirrels anxiety.

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The Bug said...

Oh I want to walk in the woods! I have an aunt who has a great walk down to a river. I think I'll try to get over there regularly once we move - it's good for the soul!