Monday, January 30, 2017

Project 365, Week 5

We had a full, hectic week. I tried to count the number of different people who came in and out over the seven days, either to say hi or have a meal or play video games, or to sleepover...I stopped counting when I got to around thirty. It was fun, crazy...and I'm tired. ;) And so very blessed.

January 23
His happy place. :)

Even when his schedule is crazy, Shaun is so good about snagging time with the kids.

January 24
Boy time. Aiden got some rare Gavin time while the girls were at basketball practice

January 25
I worked late so Shaun could get to the girls' basketball game. I sort of kind of could see the sunset.

January 26
I had Bethel Music Radio on Pandora while we were getting ready for school/work in the morning. Out of nowhere, a "parental advisory" song came on from a group I've never even heard of. To Pandora's credit, they were responsive to my email and stated they had "fixed the problem". Yikes!

Company for dinner...and stories.

January 27
H's first time ever holding a baby. He thought it was pretty cool. :)

January 28
Ginger went up to the girls room and brought a pillow downstairs for herself.

January 29
Brent did a powerful presentation at church.

After, we did teamwork to get it all taken down and packed in the trailer.

Aiden lost his first ever tooth! He came to me and said, Mom, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, I lost my tooth!! The bad news is, I lost my tooth...I can't find it! Oh, wait! I know where it is! There was a bead in my cookie. Well, I thought it was a bead, but it must've been my tooth! I'll go get it!


Amy said...

I will forever laugh about the tooth story. How about "So I just spit it out." I also love the picture of Hunter holding Gavin.

The Bug said...

I love the picture of Hunter & Gavin too - although Gavin looks fairly alarmed. Ha!