Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Project 365, Week 10

You just never know what a week will hold. Monday at lunch time we got a call from our agency asking if we'd take two teen girls through the weekend. I felt good about it from how the social worker described them and their situation and when I looked at our calendar for the week, it was relatively quiet. I ran it by Shaun and we said, Ok.

By the time they arrived later that evening with the two social workers, the story had already changed and it was clear they would not be going back to where they came from. How long will we have them? I don't know...maybe for the month of March, or beyond? Sooner? I don't know.

Yes, two more kids means more chaos. No, I haven't loved having the social worker who picks them up in the morning sitting at our kitchen table for a half hour every morning before the sun is even up. But, there have been so many blessings and special moments. I am keenly aware that God has not called us to this because of my long list of qualifications....somehow he chooses and uses us in spite of and because of our inadequacies. I'm grateful we've been chosen to be a part of their story.

February 27
Many years ago Shaun suggested to the kids that they might have more success getting things out of the toothfairy if the tooth/note was left next to the coffee make. :)

Reading side-by-side with my favorite Aiden-guy, sipping tea. I don't know how life could get much sweeter (I guess it could be coffee instead of tea. ;).

February 28
I like to see Avery taking out her art supplies. She has a unexpected creative side that she occasionally taps into.

March 1
Each and every morning this week got started too early and was not routine. Yet there were many nice moments sitting around the table, especially after the initial rush of teens getting out the door.

March 2
Industrious girls doing homework. :)

March 3
Friday evening, after a long week. Amanda knows how to get the party started.

March 4
Suited up for battle, aka sibling hide-n-seek. :)

Avery's comp team joined an indoor league to help get them ready for the spring season. She was so excited about being back on the field after the winter. Selfishly I wouldn't have minded a longer-than-two-week break from sports but really, I'm thankful for healthy, active bodies (and INdoor!).

March 5
(Almost) completely coincidental, we all dressed in blue for church.

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Megan Albano said...

I had the same thought about the tea! :) Loved all the around-the-table pics. And of course, the one of you all at church in blue is my favorite!