Monday, March 20, 2017

Project 365, Week 12

Another week of our kind of crazy, this time with snow delays and cancellations thrown in. Hopefully it was our last hurrah with winter and now we can switch gears to spring. YES...Happy Spring!!


March 13
As a show of support, my mom made us a full meal and brought it over, complete with dessert. Our families have always been so welcoming to the new people that come through our home...they are definitely an extension of what we've got going here.

Also, I got a little time with my dear from Oklahoma who was here visiting family. So good to see her and hug her and have her hanging out in my kitchen!

Countless games everyday...a definite perk of having eight people in the house.

I sat down to read with Aiden and, judging from this picture I found, I apparently fell asleep on his shoulder.

March 14
Snowday for all.

March 15
Another snow day. The kids were wanting to play in the snow, but it was SOO cold.

There were three different puzzles going on this one day.

March 16
We attended parent/teacher conferences and Avery showed us her neat-as-a-pin locker. Thankful that the kids seem to be thriving.

Amanda produced her own "cooking show" to make slime.

K's boyfriend has become a regular dinner/evening guest. What's one more??

March 17
May your cottage roof be well thatched and those inside be well matched. -Irish Blessing

I had to say no, you cannot go to your boyfriend's house where you will be unsupervised on this Friday night. So to soften the blow of 'new house, new rules', I took the girls to the mall while H was at youth group. You would be shocked at the items on my "List of Things I'd Rather Do Than Go To The Mall"....things such as laundry, running a marathon, cleaning toilets, shoveling snow.  However, after walking through the gown shop we talked about proms and weddings and marriage. And seeds were planted, which I guess makes the mall worth it.

March 18
Yup...more games. Sequence is one of my favorites.

March 19
Sadly, Shaun's grandfather passed away this day. His 98 years were well lived.

I started going through some of my photos of him and this was in the favorites. He took such joy in his great-grandkids.


Amy said...

So sorry to hear about Shaun's grandfather. So sad to see the last bit of that brave and honorable generation slip away. -- You're doing a good work over there at 76. Keep it up!!!

Megan Albano said...

I love that shot of Aiden and Shaun's grandfather. What a gift that the kids had so many years with their great grandfather! Way impressed by the mall visit....that is LOVE! :)

The Bug said...

So sorry for your loss... I'm with you on shopping. I've had to do more than I like lately with the new house, but I am DONE now. Anything else we need, Mike can get it. Ha!

sara said...

So sorry to hear about Shaun's grandfather. What a legacy he has left in your family! We just got 5 inches of snow last night, so I guess winter is not over yet!