Friday, March 3, 2017

State of the House ~ February

February. Its a nice short month and it always holds a promise of unseasonably warm days and the possibility of green poking out from the ground. Additionally, February is the time when LOTS of people file their taxes and so if you happen to be a tax man, then you work LOTS of hours. So much so that your family begins to miss you a great deal. But, as my very good friend texted me today in all celebratory fashion...we "got through February"! Yes, we did! 

The girls wrapped up their basketball season and ultimately ended up being grateful for the experience. Not sure if they developed any ball-handling skills, but we pulled out some character development for the win. 

Speaking of character and our job as, is it hard to get up and be the parent every day!! I felt like such a natural when they were toddlers (or perhaps time has caused me to forget the hard), but with teens and pre-teens, I feel like I'm feeling my way through a pitch black hallway, unsure if I'm about to trip over something or bang my head. I've been realizing that I have more fear than I should about my kids futures and am constantly aware of my shortcomings. I have made myself too important when I envision their outcome so I'm continually telling myself that they are God's, just on loan to me. And I ask for guidance and wisdom and understanding and long-suffering...often more than once in an hour.

I started up another training program to get me to a half marathon in early May. I'm enjoying the process much more than I did back in the late summer/fall. Fitting it in is my biggest challenge, so I am thankful for the treadmill we have right here at the house. Sloan has put me in touch with several people who are facing a similar surgery to mine. I let them ask me any questions they want and try to be as honest as I think they can handle about what it will entail. When I say, yes, I've even run a half marathon since, they get so excited about that. Not that they ever would run, but the thought that they could, post-surgery seems to give them so much hope. And so...I run for hope. :)

We've also significantly ramped up our talks of moving. The reasons basically come down to what we think is best for the kids, school-wise and church-wise. Its something we've talked about regularly since they were born and now we feel like we're inching towards our deadline. I may need intervention for my Zillow problem. ;)

For outdoor kids, the month was just right, providing the perfect mix of winter snow and spring temps....we all love to be outside. High five, February!


Unknown said...

Ashford is a great town! Hint hint

Melody said...

Exciting about the half marathon training and about connections with Sloan! Yay for hope.

Amy said...

Run for hope!!!!

Jonathan Boyd said...

Run for Hope!! Love that line...