Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Project 365, Week 11

Week two with the girls was still a lot of logistical "things" but we started to settle into just a bit of a rhythm and are getting to know each other better. The fact that our family schedule has been relatively quiet has been so helpful during the transition. I would ask if you'd say a quick prayer for us when we cross your mind, as we have some big decisions to be making.

March 6
One of the big things I've really been enjoying is dinnertime. We are in between sports and we have extra people, so we've enjoyed some nice meals together. Also, more people means lighter work....a couple times Amanda took extra care in setting the table, adding place cards. :)

March 7
Additional older siblings can come in handy at homework time. ;)

I came home from a work dinner to find Uncle Nathan and the kids involved in a rousing game of Apples to Apples. 

March 8
We met my brother and sister (and a whole bunch of their cute kids) at my moms and they pitched in for some spring yard clean up.

March 9
Amanda had a friend over after school and all the kids ended up playing Capture the Flag. The older girls thought it was SO fun, but spent the next couple days being sore from the running. ;)

March 10

March 11
These two have made great progress in swim class. Amanda promises with this new session she will not pitch a fit about going.

March 12
Shaun's 98 year-old grandfather's health took a turn and he was admitted to hospice. We took the kids over to see him while he is still alert. It was sad and hard.

I left to get the kids to rehearsal, but Shaun was able to stay for the afternoon. He snapped this sweet picture of Grampy with his youngest great-grandson. Precious!


The Bug said...

So sorry about Shaun's grandfather - wishing his family peace. I'm glad that the older girls are having fun - and wish you well with your decision making!

Melody said...

Thinking of you all with Shaun's grandfather and decisions about the girls. Much love.

Ruby Ulrich said...

I will include wisdom in my other prayers for you. You are greatly loved.

Ashley Beth said...

Prayers for wisdom and peace in all you're having to make decisions about.