Monday, April 3, 2017

Project 365, Week 14

I cannot even sum up life right now, except that its a wonderful, wild ride. It makes me thankful for the habit of journaling here with pictures because the days go by in a flash, making it all the more important to stop and notice.

March 27
We were even, but now girls outnumber the boys, which means sometimes there is a hair train. :)

March 28
Ginger's first birthday. What a gem she is! Amanda took her out and they stalked squirrels together. :)

March 29
Those not particularly interested in watching Avery's game found other entertainment.

We did some bed rearranging, four in all. Somehow poor Aiden ended up with just a mattress on the floor, though he's unphased by it.

March 30
It wasn't nearly as warm as Aiden makes it look here, but we sure were grateful for the sun! Also, He can talk! Its fascinating to hear some of the ideas and thoughts that swirl around in his brain constantly.

Baseball scrimmage and run around time.

March 31
When I kiss these three goodbye and watch them walk into school, it feels like the day should be over. What a feat the mornings have been!

Also, whether our mornings include yelling, hugs, tears, love, Amanda always pauses to turn around and wave one last time and say "bye Mom, I love you. You're special" before she ducks around the corner. Oh, that girl!

April 1
Hours before, we made arrangements to meet for breakfast early on a Saturday morning. Time with these girls and away from children was refreshment for my soul and life-giving. Grateful to do life with them.

Less than a week until Passion of the King!!

April 2
J expressed an interest in riding lessons so I found a local farm, Shaun and Avery took her to buy boots with a heel and we made it happen. I was impressed with how much they accomplished in one time slot. She loved it!

Aiden took to the farm dog, "Arrow". He really was super sweet.

TobyMac came to Hartford. With just Amy's family and ours, we had enough to qualify for a group discount. What an amazing night!! They were great seats and we had so much fun. It was also an honor to be the ones to take the girls to their first ever concert.

He sang one of my favorite songs, Steal My Show.

"God, take my show and do something bigger with it than I ever could.....You have a life and you can take it and make it yours, or you can give it away and have God do something bigger with it than you could ever imagine."


Amy said...

Amanda's sweet! So much fun at the concert. Your 'green' picture with him came out so good!

The Bug said...

I love that hair train - & I love that picture of Aiden with the farm dog - pure boy joy :) So cool that you all got to go to the concert!