Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project 365, Week 16

This week was the last full week of tax season, it was four performances of Passion of the King, it was school vacation for half of the kids. It was shopping for a vehicle and beautiful weather and preparing for Easter. All is grace.

April 10
The weather and big rock called to the kids.

April 11
I took the school vacation crew to a place with go-karts, a zipline, mini golf, etc. Both girls brought a friend, plus we were watching my nephew Gavin for the day. I saw someone I used to work with and we chatted briefly. He kept glancing at the kids, trying to figure it out, but I didn't even attempt to explain who the six kids were.

April 12
J and I spent some time at the horse farm. Its been a dream of hers and she's really taken to it quickly.

We couldn't believe when we saw this sign at Kohls.

April 13
During the show I wandered around the building taking photos...the kids room is a little scary! :)

April 14
Good Friday and the last show ever of Passion of the King after ten years. Next year it is getting redone and renamed. So proud of my sister who has done the job of Assistant Director with excellence and grace for nine of the ten years.

April 15
First time the older girls had ever dyed eggs, so I'm glad we squeezed it in.

Our church held SIX Easter services...two on Saturday night and four on Sunday morning. We went to the last service on Saturday night, a couple minutes late, but Shaun was able to join us after work.

Amy's family.

Oh yes, and it was also Shaun's birthday! His life is such a gift to the world, to our family. He is a hard worker, he is honest, faithful, wise, unselfish. He gets up everyday looking to help someone, to be a blessing. He embraces and lives out the core message of the God, love others. And he's quiet and humble about it and will not appreciate me writing this paragraph about him. ;) We're grateful for him!

April 16
It was in the 80's so we spent most of Easter Sunday outside, soaking up the weather and the people.

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The Bug said...

Happy birthday Shaun! Did he become a tax man because of his birthday, or was it a happy coincidence? (And I'm sure he hears that a lot - perhaps even from me in the past #olderpersonmemory) :)