Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Project 365, Week 15

Final stretch of tax season, final stretch of dress rehearsals for Passion of the King, making major life decisions such as where we will live and what we will drive, parenting six kids, two of which we're just getting to know...that was our week. We're tired, but its good and we can see a light at the end, for some of it anyway.

April 3
Opening Day for the Red Sox. Shaun took a couple hours off in the middle of the afternoon so he and Avery could watch together. 

April 4
Shaun and the kids were at rehearsal and K was working, so this was the evening group, all requiring close supervision. ;)

April 5
No picture. I woke up quite sick with a head cold and fever and was on the couch most of the day. I unintentionally freaked the kids out (we all still suffer from a little post-trauma), but I was back up the next day.

April 6
Outdoor, best friends time.

I went to watch/take pictures of the final dress rehearsal. Towards the end the curtain ripped. It was no surprise to see Shaun right there, figuring out what needed to be done to help Sue the Seamstress.

That morning he got up early and did a brake job on his car. Then he went to work and from work straight to rehearsal, finally getting home a little before midnight. He does some version of that scenario fairly often. He's our own superman and I'm in awe of him.

April 7
We were back in church at 9AM the next morning...2nd grade and 5th grade were leading Mass. So sweet!!

April 8
H played in both the JV and Varsity games...we watched part of one.

April 9
So much yard clean up to do. The kids and I paused to admire nature. What a gift spring is!

Where there is a screen, the kids will gather.


The Bug said...

Love that picture of close supervision by the dog :)

Megan Albano said...

I love the family room picture! Makes me want to come sit on your couch!