Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Project 365, Week 17

This week was another round of school vacation, this time for the little guys. The first two days were the last two days of tax season and now its OVER!!

April 17
The day that Aiden's been waiting for came...fishing with Pop! My dad might have pushed it a little, but he got out there and did ok and I'm so thankful.

I met my sister and brother at my mom's campground. The water was not even close to warm, but the kids happily splashed and played.

Final game for Avery's brief indoor soccer and they came out league champs!

Avery captured this gift of a sunset on our ride home.

April 18
Shaun's mom took the kids to Old Sturbridge Village...the potter is their favorite stop and they enjoy seeing the new baby animals each spring.

In other news, Shaun got home at 8:30pm and tax season 2017...its a wrap!!!

April 19
After the teens left for school and before the little guys were awake, Shaun and I went out to breakfast to celebrate a completed tax season.

Then we hit the road to go check out a couple cars. The kids had too much fun in the show room. :)

It happens almost never, but all five of us love the small pockets of time we get when its "just us".

April 20
We brought the kids to work with us. They made themselves right at home and were in screen-time heaven.

I met up with a friend and we chatted while the kids bowled.

Spring soccer has begun for both girls. Shaun is coaching Amanda's team again and J is going to help as well.

April 21
Aiden and Ginger looked so sweet playing with his Navy Seals set.

And we were off to another look at a couple more cars. The kids thought this shiny, red Camaro would be just right. :)

Instead, we brought home "The Beast", a 2009 8-passenger Chevy Suburban. Listen. In my heart I'm European. I would love to own one tiny little car that gets 80 miles to the gallon for the rare times when public transportation isn't feasible. But God. He's got this simple, minimalist-loving girl who isn't particularly "into" kids driving a car that holds six children. He's expanding my heart and softening my edges and making beauty out of brokenness. He is good and He is sovereign. And...when you're on the road, watch out! ;)

April 22
Amanda's opening game was cold and rainy, but there were still smiles.

April 23
There is no bouquet more beautiful in all the world than a dirt-caked fist holding out a collection of fresh-picked dandelions, presented with pride and love and expectation. My heart.


The Bug said...

Whoa - that IS a beast! I would be a menace driving that thing :)

So glad tax season is over! And that bouquet melted my heart...

Amy said...

Congrats on the BEAST. That 'pop-up' soccer bench is crazy! And those ARE the best bouquets!

Melody said...

Loved your description of your European self :) I'm with you.