Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Project 365, Week 47

There have been lots of moving parts to our lives, as we warp up the sale of the other house, move offices, transition sports, and begin rehearsals in earnest. November always has me extra mindful just how very blessed we are. So grateful for life!

November 13
The kids had a day off of school and we ended up with just Avery and Amanda. They did homework at the office in the morning with us and then we went to lunch and did a little shopping. It was fun and different to just be the four of us.

November 14
I took a picture for my dog-crazy teens. These two hang out at my salon everyday.

November 15
My new do, that my teen has been urging me to do for many months.

The kids like to read in the corner of the kitchen, right on top of the heat vent. :)

November 16
Aiden had a bad experience at a basketball camp a couple years ago and has since sworn it off. But its something we think he'll enjoy and would be good for him, so we've worked through it together. After the second practice, he was feeling great about basketball and is so excited he's playing.

An amazing, full-arch rainbow! Aiden and Amanda hopped on their bikes to see if they could find the pot of gold at the end. :)

November 17
Everything is moving along with selling the other house, so it was time to clean our stuff out. Three stories of carriage house (with no place to put any of it)! It was a hard process sorting through old things, remembering times gone by.

My niece Madison was did a featured dance at a women's conference, right after Meredith Andrews lead worship. She is amazing in every way and loves to use her talents for God's glory. It was an honor to have my four girls there with me too. God had a special message for each one of us. 

November 18
There was a free fun run for the kids and Aiden and AJ did the 1-mile together. SO cute!!

Sarah and I were both sporting our newly acquired full marathon shirts, inspiring the next generation.

Later, Amy and Colombo hosted our side of the family Thanksgiving. Yay for cousins!!

November 19
Once again we took advantage of Sunday open houses and went to look at a couple. This house had many positives, including this amazing back deck. We continue to trust that God has just the right house for us, in just the right timing. In the waiting, he's changing my heart.


Megan Albano said...

Loving the hair! So pretty! Oh my goodness that deck!

Amy said...

I love the guy giving Armand a high five! Lots going on! That back deck is amazing!

Amy said...

Also, I love that the cousin picture also included the three dogs. Sad Ginger missed it.

Melody said...

Love the hair, and yay basketball!

The Bug said...

Excellent hair! I might have to follow you...

The running cousins - so cute!