Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Project 365, Week 50

Holy moly, the year is winding down in a hurry...yikes!!

December 4
This boys loves to chat. I try to stop and really listen to him, but when I can't, he's happy to follow me around to tell me his tales. I think this evening he was talking about WWII strategies.

December 5
Shaun and I met a builder and walked a couple properties. We are not really looking to build, but we're discovering our need/wish list is not common. The off-the-shelf houses we've looked at are not set up to do foster care or regularly host large family gatherings.

Both pieces of property had good and bad, but both were interesting. And so we continue to pray and seek God's guidance. We're not a bit tempted to do anything out of His will for us.

December 6
Shaun and I both got what we think was food poisoning so we were sick for 24 hours, together. Not ideal, but we made it work. It was good to wake up this morning feeling good!

December 7
Last dress rehearsal, so I joined the family to take pictures. Amanda played the sassy daughter well. ;)

December 8
Sweet little saplings...just need a little dusting of snow.

Opening night! We went out for treats after, since we had J and K's boyfriends with us.

December 9
Aiden watched with anticipation as the first snowflakes of the season came down.

Aiden and Avery had their first two games of the season, even with the snow.

They had so much fun...I love to watch them and listen to their excitement.

December 10
We met at the mall and shopped for the two families we "adopted" for Christmas. The cousins are always SO happy to be together.

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