Thursday, December 21, 2017

Project 365, Week 51

Lots of Christmas activities and real life weaving together. Its the most wonderful time of the year!

December 11
My third colonoscopy. I mention it here for two reason. 1.) To normalize it. If you are over 50, GET SCREENED!! Its less awful than you would imagine (and they have warm blankets :) and 2.) To report that mine was clear this time. No issues and I don't have to do it for three years! I was grateful to have my faithful sister show up to support me and keep me company, too.

Thankful for our community and those who go out of their way to invest in our kids.

December 12
Shaun was showing the kids a couple house plans that might work for us.

December 13
Everyday life. Some version of this is what most of our weekday afternoon/evenings look like.

December 14
Snow delay!

The Christmas program at school is always a special evening. Beautiful songs and readings from the Bible. The evening is just one of the reasons we are thankful for such a great school.

Avery's class insisted that she be the reader because its "tradition". She's been the representative since 1st grade....I thought it was sweet that it meant something to them.

(1st grade :)

December 15
It was orientation day for the front desk staff at H&R Block. So fun to have my niece Maddy there, all grown up!

Prince of Peace, 3 of 4!

After, many from the cast and crew went to Sweet Frog.

December 16
After getting home at midnight, poor Aiden didn't know what hit him when I woke him up at 7:45 to get ready for his basketball game.

December 17
Shaun has been working on finishing one of the last remaining projects in our house, just in time for Christmas!

Show 4 of 4.

Aiden's first grade teacher and the former principal came to support us! They are both so sweet!

Jared and his roommate both have majors having to do with theater at UCONN. They were duly impressed with the production.

Amanda hanging out with everybody's friend, Justin. He's the best!

Cousin antics trying to get a group shot. ;)

Avery and Maddy are nearly twins...wearing similar clothes, they can even confuse their mothers! :)


Melody said...

YAY for a clear colonoscopy!!!!!!

Amy Joy said...

Ditto the clear colonoscopy cheers! Wonderful memories captured here. That photo of your three beauties at the school pageant is my fave. And I cannot get over how tall Avery is! Took the picture next to Maddy for reference for me.

The Bug said...

Yay for the clear report! Aiden in that suit slays me - so handsome!

Amy said...

Love all the POP shots, especially the group shot of cousins. Wow...the hair pre-show. This explains so much. Hahaha. Oy. Not sure how that all evolved, but now I know why leads were late.-- The kids' school thing looked so lovely and well-done. So very touching that Avery has read all these years by her peers' choice. Aiden is so handsome in his suit!