Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Project 365, Week 2

January means cold, snow, being inside and playing basketball. We definitely had a January theme going on this week.

January 7
Snow much sledding fun! Pop's hill is just the right amount of length and slope; plus, Kiki makes killer hot chocolate from scratch. I included too many because I love seeing kids at play....its a skill we've tried to teach all the kids who have come through our doors.

January 9
Its been so cold for so long, but the show must go on, like fresh air and play time with the dog.

Aiden and Amanda's snowman started out cute but quickly turned creepy.

January 10
My guys. :)

January 11
Hours and hours he spends reading, currently he's in his fresh Christmas stack of Hardy Boys books and his Action Bible.

January 12
Dueling Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Amanda finished a book in one day...she's trying to beat Aiden and cousin Alayna...not sure they are aware there is a contest going on. ;)

Opening home game!

Grammy and Bobbi were among the bleacher full of fans. :)

Super sweet 6th grade friends and teammates.

January 13
Poor Aiden...he doesn't love basketball yet. He went almost the entire game without touching the ball.

Fun surprise on my phone. Silly Uncle Nathan.

January 14
This boy is completely fascinated by movement. Studying the soap drip in an almost empty bottle of is his idea of a good time.

These two have a sweet relationship. Aiden pretends like he doesn't want hugs from her, but if shes got a game going on her phone, he'll snuggle right up. :)

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The Bug said...

Hello from cold & snowy NC! I won't be sledding today - although our street is perfect for it :)