Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's A Man-Thing

This is especially for all of my male do visit, right Dad and Tim??

Anyway, we are working on remodeling the pool room and we're anxious to get it done, so Shaun's been delegating to me any projects that he thinks I can handle.

One such project was filling a small portion of the wall with insulation. See where the holes are near the ceiling? I just had to drop the insulation (pictured here) down into those cavities. Well, I got up one morning, skipped my workout and got right to it. Its in very little pieces, so it takes a while. By the time Shaun got up, I had completed one side and had started on the second.

This is the funny part of the story. When Shaun came down, he was absolutely incredulous, in disbelief and completely speechless. "You. I. You. That. I. What? I." Eventually he was able to get out that the one bag I had used should be enough to do the entire room, not just these two sections. Apparently, the insulation has to be fluffed before you put it in? I still don't understand, but I'm not sure I've ever seen Shaun at such a loss for words. He simply could not believe what I had done. I don't think I'll be getting that job back.


Rae said...

Can you hear me laughing?! That is the funniest thing ever....and I would have done the same thing!!! I didn't know insulation needed "fluffing". Now that sounds girly-girl-ish!! :)

mom said...

Ooopps! You were just trying to make that corner really warm in the winter, right?

Amy said...

NICE!!! Good. Another job you don't need to do!

Elizabeth said...

Good job! That must have been very hard work. Did you go outside to see if the siding was bowing out?! The room looks great1