Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Summer

Just a few pitctures for those of you interested. We dug out the kidde pool and I was reminded again what a wonderful age the girls are at. They wouldn't have enjoyed their time more if we'd spent $40,000 putting in a heated pool with jets and pavers. Ahh...contentment and joy with life's simple things. I have so much to learn from my kids!
Avery doing a "fly boat" (back float). She does the, "Mommy, watch this..." thing
When Avery was given this bike well over a year ago, I was pretty sure it would be years before she would ever be able to ride it. Well, Daddy dug it out of the garage and pumped up the tires and she actually did fit on it. After two days, she is an old pro and is delighted to be able to do it by herself.
This is what you get when there hasn't been rain for a while at the softball field and you throw yourself prostrate onto the ground in a fit.

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Rae said...

That is one dirt covered little girl! Yikes!!!!