Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest remodel

Knowing we had Sarah's shower coming up, we wanted to remodel our pool room so the event would be extra nice for her. It was the first project we haven't stretched over months or years. Very tough work but nice to have it done! These pictures are a month apart, but throw in there out-of-town family visiting, a wedding, two vacations and that makes it a bit more exciting!

This past week Shaun's brother Nathan was here helping everyday, couldn't have done it without him. Thanks, Nate!

Late in the week a friend stopped by, who will remain nameless. Two things you should know though. 1) he is male and 2) his name begins with an "E" and ends in "ric". He walked in, stood in the doorway, looked around a bit and said "Did you get new light fixtures??"
Seriously? Men and women as so different!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Your house is so beautiful and has so much character. The wood floors are amazing...are they original to the house?

Eric said...


Eric said...

This "E" "ric" guy is such a dork. Obviously the light fixtures are new but didn't he realize that the mirror on the wall was also new? I mean, c-mon, the outlet and switch covers scream that this room has been completely remodeled! Some guys just dont see things. I know a guy who took a month to realize his wife got an inch of her hair cutoff. It was only an inch but you think he'd be in tune with these things! This guy is clearly another one of those unobservant knuckleheads!