Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay, I promise no more photo shoot posts. It just didn't have the outcome I had hoped for. I was hoping to read comments like "That's the worst photo I've seen in a long time" or "You have no business with that camera" or "Number 3 would have been better if you'd hadn't chopped her head off". Instead, I received your gracious, generous comments.

So, thank you for those, but I think I am not looking to branch this blog off into a photography portfolio. My children, of course, being the exception. That being said, here is a picture from the last photo shoot I did.

Let me set the scene:

When we first arrived, Amanda was not inclined to cooperate. In an effort to distract, Shaun suggested they play hide-n-seek. Avery counted, Shaun and Amanda went to hide behind this tree. I was squatting down out in the open taking the picture, while Avery was off to my right about 15 feet looking for them.

At one point I looked over at her to see if she was just fooling around and no, she was actually looking for them. Um, how 'bout giving a quick glance to where the camera is pointed? We'll have to work on some hide-n-seek strategies with her!


Rach@In His Hands said...

Very cute! You do take wonderful pictures!

*MARY* said...

That's... the.... er... worst pictu

Sorry I can't do it. You're pictures really are gorgeous.

Greg Silsby said...

Great photo! This is a great example of a picture that tells a story.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

LOVE that picture!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Lisa!!! We love looking at your pictures and I am sad you are stopping. You really are talented. HOw about starting a second photography blog? Then we could get our picture fix over there and you could keep this one separate. :)

Either way, you know I'll always come and visit you. :)

Monica said...

Very clever my friend!

Jessica said...

You don't really get negative comments because you post the best pictures ... you probably had a hundred to choose from. The compliment is that out of that one hundred, you had at least a handful of great ones - and they are really great. Getting all of the subjects to cooperate is really hard.
But, if you want creative input, remember the rule of thirds, don't be afraid to take risks and try some artsy things (like different lighting, angles, focuses, etc.). You can only get better! Oh, and I say this as someone who aspires to getting pictures as good as yours :)

I absolutely LOVE the picture of Shawn and Amanda. It really is like freezing a wonderful moment in time. What's the most amazing is that you can feel the moment. I didn't need the back story to feel the emotion. Everything about it is perfect - even the eyes. You can sense that daddy and baby are sharing a secret.

Greg Silsby said...

One of the greatest things to learn about the "rule of thirds," or most any other rule in photography, is that sometimes it is even more creative to break the rule. I love the composition of this photo, even if the center of the viewer's focus is, well... in the center. But if you draw a horizontal line through the gentleman's arm, it is pretty much on the line that describes the top of the bottom third. And the vertical line between the center third and the right third goes up through his finger and his eyes... key elements that add to the delightful expression on the little girl's face. So I'll let others decide if this follows the "rule of thirds" or creatively goes beyond it. Either way it is a great photo. Keep at it!

Naenee said...

The Picture of Shawn and Amanda is gorgeous!i would love for you to take some hoilday pictures of Selena and I.