Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purple (Dune) Buggies

Shaun almost never has the Play Station on, but Avery had found one of our two games and starting asking him if they could play. Shaun promised her they could and this is what I overheard that had me smiling and shaking my head:

Daddy: Ok, Avery. What vehicle do you want to be? You can do a motorcycle, or an ATV or a buggy or a...

Avery: Yeah, I want to be a buggy.

Daddy: Ok, a buggy (as in dune). Now, you get to pick a color.

Avery: Do they have pink or purple?

Daddy: Hmm...let's see. Oh! Here's a purple buggy...how's that?

Avery: That's good!

Shaun is definately a good girl-daddy. No black pick-up trucks to race in the mud here in this house. Nope, purple buggies! :)


Bethany G. said...

That's really sweet! What a good sport he is. And if all the girl stuff gets overwhelming maybe him and Chris could start a support group. haha

Heather of the EO said...

Ha! So cute. It couldn't have been any better. Except for maybe if there were a pink buggy. :)

mom said...

I would have been a purple buggy also. :)