Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Part II

Here is our Thanksgiving, Cour-style. Shaun's grandparents came up from Florida, braving the fierce New England elements to be with us. Avery loves having Nana around...there's nothing Nana won't do with stories, do crafts, etc and she talks to Avery as if she is a very grown-up person. Here they are the night before putting a jello salad together.

This was my 8th time straight running the Manchester Road Race. Here we are, obviously pre-race, because the grins are so big. I'm in the back middle and was joined by my sister, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and his fiance and several other friends.

The race is 4.75 miles and I did a 9.12 minute pace, my best ever. There was a 92 year-old woman who entered and finished the race...that's what I have my sights set on! :)

We came back to a warm house that smelled like turkey. Shaun and his mom were hard at work in the kitchen. Yes, I would agree I am totally spoiled!

Avery and Amanda thought they should pick up my slack in the kitchen, so they jumped in to help Sienna and Uncle Micah make an apple pie.

The Cour version of the kid table...this side has some work to do. :) Neary 10 year-old Jared is a good sport.

So very thankful for our family and the blessings in our lives. What a special day!


Rae said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Looks like a wonderful day filled with lots of family. Who could ask for more?

Kimberly said...

Such an interesting home you live in. And look at those DISHES. I'm impressed. We ate off of paper plates. ;)

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Sounds like a great holiday for your family!

I just left you a little something on my blog...go check it out! Happy Monday!

Laurie said...

Congrats on the race and doing your personal best! I'm impressed!