Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, Part II

Ahhh. Another wonderful Christmas season is over. On Christmas Eve we hung out as a family (of four). I cooked and baked like crazy and Shaun worked around the house getting things ready and taking care of the girls.

We let them open presents that had arrived in the mail from their Grandpa, then we went to the Christmas Eve service at the church where both my sisters attend. Its a long-standing tradition and one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

After church, about 30 of us were treated to a delicious dinner at my sister Amy's house. We enjoyed the company of her in-laws, who we've become close to over the years. After, it was back to my house to stuff stocking and put on last minute bows.

Here is Amanda coming down the stairs Christmas morning.

Another favorite part of Christmas for me...stockings. All but two cousins pictured here

Amanda stopped at the first candy cane she came across, and then the second...
My brother and his wife and two girls came out from Colorado.

My Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Lee and adult cousins Melody and Johnny came from New York and Pennsylvania. My memories of Christmases with them are very sweet and go WAY back.

Avery trying out dance moves in her new "weeolard". Amanda is in the background thinking its not fair that Avery got one and she didn't.

My sister Bethany painted this rocking chair to match Avery's room.

My mom, "Grammy and Bobbi"

My dad, "Kiki and Pop"

We were also joined by my two sisters, their husbands and children and later most of Shaun's family. It was a full, relaxing, blessed day. We have an incredible family and I'm so grateful we were able to be together for another year...Good stuff!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

It looks like wonderful family time! I especially like the pictures of the girls....coming down the stairs was the cutest thing in the world!

Momagoose said...

sweet! I love the picture of Amanda crying in the background. awe. :o)