Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun in Church

This is just a typical attempt to get a decent picture of both girls together...rarely works. I took the picture after church because Amanda was wearing a sweet Christmas dress that Avery wore last year and Avery was wearing a dress my mom made.

It was a big day because it was Amanda's first time in the 2 & 3 year-old class. Avery was so excited because she was going to be in Amanda's class. :) From all reports, both girls did well, but as any parent knows those events and passages into big-kidness are always bittersweet for us.

During service, the part that is quiet right after the singing has ended and the pastor gets up to speak, Amanda darted from our pew and went running down the back aisle saying, "Mom, I gotta go potty! Mom, I gotta go potty!" Oh, my.

Later another mother was laughing about it with me and it reminded me of a couple months ago (yes, a couple months ago) when we were just starting potty training. I carried her into the bathroom and she immediately started crying. I quickly realized that up to that point the only time she'd been in the church bathroom was to get a spanking. Oops! :)


Rach@In His Hands said...

What gorgeous little girls!!! I love those dresses.

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Hey, at least she was running to try to get there gotta give her that.

I love the dresses too! Your mom really made that one?! Nice job mom!

Emily said...

Haaaa that is so funny. They are really adorable :)

Kimberly said...

Ahh, so you keep trying for that elusive "siblings together and both smiling at the same time" photo too, eh? Yeah, that's a hard one. :)

Too funny about the only reason she'd been to the bathroom before was to get a spanking!