Thursday, January 8, 2009

Completely Random

Amanda has started to call her sister "Avery May" or "Honey". Avery is sure to remind her that her name is not Honey, but I don't think Amanda understands.

She is totally in love with The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, or "Pie-ates Don't Do Ev-fing". I've watched enough of it to be able to wonder what could possibly attract her to it so strongly?

Oh, and good news for all you Amanda fans out there...Whirly Twirly Wednesday will be resuming next week.

Last night Shaun and I listened in the monitor as Avery woke her sister up (she'd been sleeping for 5 minutes) and sang Trading My Sorrows to her, then told her a story that she made up. I recognized where most of the pieces for the story came from, but it was interesting how she weaved it all together.

This week I took her with me to my pre-natal appointment. She got to hear the heartbeat and had her brow furrowed during our entire time there. I was struck by the irony that Avery was accompanying me. Just four years ago, Shaun went with me to nearly every appointment when I was pregnant with Avery, and now my daughter is old enough to be going with me.

Time goes by!


Deidre said...

So sweet! I love that she was singing 'Trading my sorrows'. Don't you ever wonder about all the sweet stuff they are storing in their hearts when they are little - and, how God will use those words to comfort them when they are older? I love that.

Have a great day, Lisa!

Definitely, Maybe... said...

We have an Avery Mae who is three also...too funny! Your girls are adorable!

Monica said...

This is cool. I'll add, don't say anything negative to your spouse today. I've been slacking in that area a bit.

Kimberly said...

Avery sounds like an awesome big sister. So wonderful that you were able to hear the heart beating!