Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365, Week 4

January 18
After a breakfast date, Shaun and I spent the majority of the afternoon painting a vacant apartment. January 19
More snow, but with the bright sunshine it was just beautiful!

January 20
Inauguration Day...I almost forgot to turn the tv on until the girls randomly started singing God Bless America as we were sitting down to lunch. So, I missed Warren's prayer but saw everything after 12:04. I cried through much of it, feeling totally blessed to live in America where we have peaceful and fair elections and a beautiful and peaceful transfer of power. America is unique for that and I thought about all the people that have gone before to make that possible for me and my children.

No matter what side of the political fence you are on, you have to be thankful and proud to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

(This sign was proudly displayed on our neighbor's front law for the occasion).
January 22
Our regular visit to the nursing home. Although she doesn't remember us from one week to the next, this woman is one of our favorites. She and Amanda were chatting it up for quite a while and she was asking everyone who walked by her, "Did you drink your mama's milk when you were a baby?" It was particularly entertaining to watch the 50 year-old maintenance guy react and respond to the question...funny stuff.

January 23
This is Amanda first thing in the morning. I accidentally deleted the picture I actually wanted to use for this day. You see, later on Amanda and Riley were in this corner of the kitchen with a brand-new bag of dog food. They were happily playing the "one-for-you, one-for-me" game.

January 23
My sister's brother-in-law plays for the New Jersey Devils farm team and they were playing locally, so we went to catch the game. As you can see, we were right near the action. The girls had a blast because most of their cousins were there, too.

On the way home, for 45+ solid minutes, they were rapid-fire questions about the the four fights that occurred during the game. I explained as best I could and tried to weave in several lessons, but my head was spinning the whole time (at 11:00 at night!) Forty-five minutes of discussion with a 2 and 3 year old about hockey fights.

Shaun had to work, so when we got home, they raced in to see him and were excitedly stuttering trying to tell him about the game....that we saw Jonathan, that the men were fitting, that Chuck E. Cheese was there (the wolf mascot was mistaken for CEC by Amanda). Fun times!

January 24
I was taking a couple pictures for Shaun for work and when we were done Avery wanted to pose with him. I love the special smile and eye-twinkle that Shaun has just for his girls. It's really beyond his control and it melts my heart.

Thanks to Sara and Kimberly for hosting.


LuAnn said...

Love your kids pictures. They are so cute!!!

Momagoose said...

I want to see pictures of your dog? Tell us about him/her! :o)

sara said...

those were great pictures!!! What are the red berries on the tree with the snow?

A daddy's love for his girl is priceless!!!!

have a great week!

Gina said...

One for you, one for me - that is a priceless memory! You will be so happy someday that you blogged that! Thanks for sharing your world and your cute girls.

Jessica said...

It really is amazing how much men change for their kids. I frequently get comments on how wonderful Kevin is with the kids and they never imagined he could be so silly. I bet Shaun is the same way ... well, at least with being great with his girls :)

Jessi said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!

I especially love the snow picture.

Isn't a daddy's heart for his daughter amazing? I, too, love seeing the "twinkle" in my husband's eyes when he holds our little princess.

Danita said...

What an amazing week! Great pictures!

Thanks for posting on my blog =]
Amazingly enough I did not cry on the first day of preschool. My Lily is a HANDFUL and to get the 2.5 hour break is a life send!

Lois Lane II said...

Such pretty pictures!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the pic of Daddy and his girl - gotta love a man with his princess! I know I ove mine!!

Christine said...

I love all the experiences you're giving your girls! The retirement home to the hockey game - that's a wide range!! Love it!
I just read your comment on my blog. First of all, thanks for the compliments on the photos. You're very sweet. The fun angle was a complete accident.
Secondly, your comment about ice cream totally threw me! I thought, -Ice cream? What ice cream? - but then realized you were looking at that yummy dessert my friend brought me. It was a pudding pie. But now I see how much it looks like ice cream! :) funny.
Keep up the great photos!

Kimberly said...

I love Amanda's hair on the 23rd. Such a cutie!

Oh, and the 18th, I so need to be doing some painting of my own. :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The "mama's milk" question made me laugh so much! That's awesome!

And you can just tell by your hubby's expression how much he loves his girls. That is precious.

Hope you're doing well!