Monday, January 11, 2010

Amanda's Nutcracker

The Nutcracker was a theme for us this Christmas season.  We went to see it at the Boston Ballet, then Avery danced in a production on two consecutive weekends and finally it was Amanda's turn to shine.  What was supposed to happen the weekend before Christmas, actually ended up getting postponed to January 9 because of snow.  At the time Amanda was disappointed and did not understand why people couldn't drive in the snow.  (One of our vehicles is a 4x4 pick-up truck with a plow, so her daddy is usually out in bad conditions).

The day started out good.  She was up early enough that I was able to get her down for a nap and she slept for over an hour.  My mom came to stay with Avery and Aiden so I would only have one child to deal with backstage.  I got her dressed, put on her make-up and then she was able to hang out with the older kids and watch the craziness of back stage.

At intermission, I left her with her class and went to find a seat.  The Spanish Dance was the second one in the Second Act.  I was torn between whether to video tape it or do stills...I went with just shooting photos.  Glad I did, because there wasn't a whole lot of action.  Do you see the little one standing in back?

How 'bout now?  Yeah, that was her stance for the entire song, while activity buzzed around her.

There she is peeking out from the back.

Grandma came to the matinee to watch her and when we met her in the lobby she had a rose for Amanda.

Exhibit A why 3 year-olds should not wear make-up: she cried no less than three times in between shows.  Skinned knee, told "no"...the usual stuff.  I had to wash it off and start fresh.

Backstage for the second show.  All the older girls just loved her and she was right in the mix of everything.  They were all singing to a song from one girl's phone.

And the next picture I have of the evening show is the curtain call.  Amanda chose to not go out on stage with her class.  She was on stage, behind the curtain, but did not dance, and for that matter, did not even stand there with her hand in her mouth.

Oh, I was mad.  Really mad.  This was not a holy was the sinning kind.  I did not even see the rest of the second act, but sat in my seat furious.  WHY did she not go out?  WHAT happened in the five minutes from when I left her backstage?   She has 10 family members in attendance who had purchased tickets and driven up to 30 minutes, a teacher that's worked with her, a class counting on her and she just decides she's not in the mood to dance?   Yes, I was furious and embarrassed.

Pop and Kiki were able to see her behind the curtain from where they were sitting.

Cousin Maddie and Auntie Amy came... well as Grammy and Bobbi

Shaun took Aiden home right after her class's dance.  My family was very gracious about the whole thing and gave her unconditional love.  I know I never did this to my parents. 

I didn't say a word to her but put her straight to bed when we got home.  Her daddy was disappointed but not mad, so he went in to talk to her.  Later he jokingly presented me with flowers that he'd bought "just for me" after work.

Before I went to bed, I went in to make sure she was covered up ok, and found this small, sleeping angel snuggled up with Bear and immediately (mostly) forgave her.  The rest came the next morning through prayer.

And so ends the dance class chapter in Amanda's life.  We'll see how gymnastics goes.

'The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion'
Numbers 14:18


Darla said...

look at that sleeping angel, you couldn't have possibly been upset with her! i know it was upsetting for you but it makes a really cute story, sorry. lol.

Andrea said...

I am sorry but I laughed at the entire second half of the story. Thus the reason Skylar does not do dance. She, too is a gymnastics girl. The slow movement with attention on her was too much for her.

mom said...

It was still a good night. You captured it very well in pictures and prose.

H-Mama said...

why don't they ever perform on command? ;) she's precious.

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

Amanda seems to do things in her own time and in her own way. Her ability to stick to her guns and not worry about "disappointing" people will come in handy when she chooses a husband or a profession. She will choose what is right for her and it WILL be right for her and people will respect her and follow her because of it! It takes guts to disappoint people! BUT,being a fellow dancer mom, I feel your pain! It will be a story to remember!

sara said...

sometimes the most outgoing kids get overwhelmed. we don't understand it because they are usually enjoying the attention. (I have one of those)

One day you will look back on these pictures and smile and laugh!

But it is so great that she has so many in her family that support her!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! She's a beauty!! It's good you recognize what may not be her "niche". Many parents push and push and make the child miserable. Good for you!! Sometimes even the child won't know what they really love until they've tried a few different things. :)
My daughter instantly loved ballet from the time she was about Amanda's age. Her first recital, she fell on her right back up and kept going! She loves it that much!
So def. find her niche. :)

Amy said...

It is why I stopped teaching music to little little kids...they were just too unpredictable. Now I have unpredictable teenagers to teach, but for some reason I can handle that...ha ha.

She is just so adorable!!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

thank you for posting this! I have a feeling this is what is going to happen with Kate's recital in June. She loves dance, but can be shy in "big & new" situations. The pictures are so precious though!

Connie said...

I feel your pain...remember Kaleigh's baptism? Luckily, she has grown out of her stage fright and I'm sure Amanda will too!