Friday, January 1, 2010

Making My Home A Sanctuary

For a little more than a year, I have subscribed to a blog that is all about doing small things to make my home a sanctuary.  I have shared the website with several of you, but there was such a good intro post the other day, I thought I'd pass it along to introduce you to Home Sanctuary.  I like to start things at the beginning and thought maybe January would be a good time for some of you to jump in as well. 

Each weekday morning, I have a "small thing" challenge in my inbox and have all day to do it.  At the end of each month, my name is entered into a drawing for a prize.  I won a book one month, but that's not the reason I do it.  Rachel's got a heart for God and a strange, though fun sense of humor and I don't think you will regret checking it out.  I've really enjoyed this past year of small things.  I've learned some tips and been challenged and maybe even picked up a good habit or two.

Here is an excerpt from a recent post, and you can read the whole thing here.

I want my home to be a sanctuary - a refuge - for my family.

I want my kids to feel loved and treasured. I want my man to feel adored. I want things to look nice and smell good and feel special.

I wish I could say that I always accomplish it. I wish my laundry was folded, dishes done, pies made and children kissed and clean. I wish I had limitless resources to dress my home in understated farmhouse chic. I wish I had shoes for every occasion, perfectly highlighted hair (like, you know, regularly), and fabulous accessories to wear.

And I wish there was no more war and that Starbucks coffee was 10 cents a cup, too. Yeah, that'd be great!

My reality is that I'm a tired mom, living on a shoestring. I'm haphazard in my organization and quite a few of my ideas are half baked, at best.

But I've got this unshakable belief that a home can be wonderful, even if you don't have it all together. I believe that God takes the little bit that you have, and He can make much of it.

I believe that Sanctuary is possible.

And I believe that Sanctuary happens one small thing at a time.

You see, I've seen the power of God in fresh pillowcases, and bedtime stories, and backyard cartwheels. I've seen what can happen when I give just a little extra effort into making my home feel nice. I've noticed a change in the atmosphere when I approach things with a "sanctuary" mindset instead of a begrudging one. I've even seen beauty in the chaos of family life. Those aren't just "small things." Those are BIG things. AMAZING things!

As we begin 2010, would you join me with a new sense of purpose for your home life? You don't have to make big promises to yourself. Simply take a step toward creating Sanctuary by meeting up with me here on my blog each day. We are taking this journey together, you and me. I'll be the first to tell you that I haven't "arrived." But God's given me a passion for encouraging other women along the way and I hope you'll join in.

Today's Small Thing is to make a commitment to creating Sanctuary at home for the people you love. I encourage you to subscribe to this blog, AND officially join the "Company Girls" as a first step toward it. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. If you've already done that, or don't feel that joining anything is your cup o' tea, then simply commit to being part of what is happening here. And please know that most of our Company Girls are don't let that be a hindrance to you if you don't blog.

I believe that this is going to be a year of new beginnings and renewed hope. God sees right where you are and He knows just what you need. If you are looking for an outstretched hand, a wonderful group of friends and a little bit of lighthearted fun, then He has brought you here. You're in the right place.

Something good is about to happen. I just know it.


LuAnn said...

Thanks Lisa for this tip - I have just joined the group.

Rae said...

Happy New Year, Lisa! Thanks for sharing this blog. I am looking forward to giving it a look!