Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365, Week 4

We had a good week.  The weather has been "mild", which helps the house not be quite so chilly.  We mostly stuck close to home and nursed a sick (miserable, cranky) Amanda. 

There is a bit of a crib theme throughout the week.  Last week many of you commented how the crib photo brought back fond memories or that it was cute.  The crib is a daily hangout around here, so I thought I'd be a little more deliberate about documenting it.

Again, don't be confused by the sweater that you see on Avery.  These pictures were in fact taken on different days.  I'm not complaining.  She is a neat kid who doesn't have b.o. and the laundry is significantly less when she wears the same thing all week.  For now at least, it would seem we are out of the change-my-clothes-a-minimum-of-five-times-a-day stage.

I hope I don't get kicked out of the Project this week....I have an overload of pictures and though none were spectacular, it was hard to leave them out!  I'll try to do better next week.  Who knew one could take so many pictures doing nothing.  :)  I threw in a couple extra pictures of Aiden because the boy is getting bigger by the day!

January 17
Family day.  We went out to breakfast and then the evening was spent playing games.  Its so fun now that the girls are getting a little older and its actually enjoyable to play an organized game with them.  This is a "game" using nouns, verbs, etc to put sentences together.

January 18
I untied the dog so he could eat and walk around and in less than 20 minutes he'd run away.  So, I packed the kids in the car and drove around the block several times.  Avery spotted him in someone's fenced-in yard.  He'd been there 10 minutes tops, and the woman had already fed him.  Who does that??  I wanted to remove his collar with his ID and leave him there but instead I loaded his 90 lb muddy self into the back of the car and brought him home.  Dumb dog.

The girls were thrilled for the adventure.

January 19
I took this picture right before bed 'cause I didn't think I'd taken one for the day....

...but then I found this one that was taken first thing in the morning...obviously.

January 20
Amanda woke up quite sick, so I broke my tv-viewing-limit rule and let them watch a movie.  See how excited Aiden is about Barbie Rapunzel?

...but then I felt better about their brain cells (or lack thereof) when I found them like this.

January 21
Possibly inspried by Rupunzel, Avery finally allowed me the honor of braiding her hair, "off to the side".  Ironically, her sister with much shorted hair asks for a braid everyday, while Avery says no, no, no.  When she saw this picture, she was thrilled and declared she wanted a braid EVERY day.  Oy vey!

January 22
We've hired a "mother's helper" to come to the house several hours a week to entertain the kids so I can be assured some quiet for work while Shaun is in the thick of tax season.  I try to save all my phone calls for this time because its not the most professional thing to be talking with a customer while a baby is crying in the background.  Cherie is won.der.ful.  Since she is homeschooled, her schedule is flexible.  She comes ready with a new, fun activity or book for the girls and the girls look forward to their time with her.  She takes her job very seriously and has been a blessing.

After naps, we prepared to go for a walk but then I got a work email that had to be dealt with right away.  By the time that was resolved, there was not enough daylight for our thee-mile loop, so we settled for around the block with the girls pushing their strollers instead of riding in one. 

Avery donned a necklace, got the babies buckled in with a neatly folded blanket and packed her backpack.

January 23
My project for the day.  The last decade's pictures are (somewhat) organized.  I all but stopped getting prints made in 2008.  It shouldn't have made the top 40 on my priority list, but I got it in my head and now its done.

You can see lots of other Projects at Sara's blog.


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Can you let me know the name of that game? I LOVE the idea of kids that young learning nouns, verbs and the parts of speech!

H-Mama said...

I would love to know the name of that game too.

The crib pictures are precious. Don't you just love catching the little ones reading?

Those crazy Barbie movies. We know those well. ;)

I think I'd be more jealous that you have the last decade of pix organized. Ah, the guilt! I need to do that!

Kim said...

Those are great reading-in-the-crib photos! Actually, all your photos are excellent. Hey, I'd have been thrilled with a mother's helper back in the day but we had a hard time just finding a sitter once in a blue moon for dates.

Have a great week!

Lisa said...

The game is called "Silly Sentences" by DK Games.

*an exciting game for 1-4 players
*color-coded cards help children learn nouns, verbs and adjectives

Ages 4-7

I bought it at TJ Maxx for $5.99

Andrea said...

Week 42??? Time goes by fast enough with small kids no need to rush it.

sara said...

I am laughing with Andrea....week 42?!!! does somebody want Christmas again?!! :)

love the crib pictures, of course. It's like their own private tree house!

I hope Amanda is feeling better and that no one else got it!! I have one sick today too.

I was so blessed to have a mother's helper when my kids were young too. And my daughter was one before she was old enough to babysit.

Aiden is just getting so big..I love his facial expressions around his sisters!

Amy said...

Aiden is the cutest little guy!! Love his pictures. I have to bribe my little girl to let me do her hair. It is a task just to get a brush through it daily...

Great pictures!!


He & Me + 3 said...

yes, that game looks very interesting. Would love the name of it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. Love that you have a mothers helper a few hours a week. i would love to have that too. but i don't have a job, so no need:) our doggie runs away when she gets the chance too. How sweet of your neighbor.
Following along on your blog it is adorable.

beckyjomama said...

Ditto on the name of the game... That is fun!

LOVE the crib shots and I would not have been able to pick either!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that crib full of books... how sweet is that!!!

Love all the looks of watching the movie...

We have a lab too & she'd run off with ANYONE who threw a ball... that's her high criteria for owners! :)

LuAnn said...

WOW what a week you had. Aiden changes each week. You can see how much his sisters love him!!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

As usual, your kiddos are GORGEOUS! They're getting so big, too!

Cathy said...

Love the pictures of your kids. So cute!

rita said...

Good job, Lisa!

I mostly quit prints a few years ago so need to fill in the gaps in the scrapbooks, or go totally digital. But, the grandkids LOVE to look through photo albums/scrapbooks. Maybe blurb books are the best solution. hmmmmmm

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great pictures, aren't sleeping pictures the best!

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

Aiden is such a cutie! I was a reader too so I know exactly how your girls are :)

Marice said...

oh my! they are all so cute! :) great series of photos!

u may view mine here

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

That's so weird the woman put the dog in her yard! You know? Someone put TWO dogs in our backyard one time (years ago) because they THOUGHT they were ours. Umm...they weren't. Two huge dalmatians!! Left it up to US to find the owners. That was lovely.

Love the pic where the girls are strolling their babies.