Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Berry Careful

The other night we were watching the Olympics, specifically the couples skating.  It was the first time the girls had seen it.  Immediately Avery was exclaiming over the "purple, sparkly" outfits they were wearing and trying to get her daddy to choose which one he liked the best.

As the first skaters were on the ice, and they were both watching, Amanda said, "the prince lifted her up like this (arms straight up in the air to demonstrate) and that was not bein' berry careful".  Each 'trick' the skaters did, both girls would say, "that's not very safe!" or "they were not being careful!"  It was funny (and then towards the end of the second couple, a bit annoying) and hardly the reaction we were expecting.

These pictures have nothing to do with that story...they are from our very own performance we had a couple weeks ago.  After bath put on some dance or dress-up clothes, tune the TV to some classical music and its an instant show.

Let them praise His name in chorus and choir and with the [single or group] dance;
 let them sing praises to Him with the tambourine and lyre!
Psalm 149:3


Andrea said...

You can see the ballet training in Avery's arms and hands. So beautiful even in play.

Melody said...


Pandora said...

Lisa, thank you for taking a look at the video and my blog, and for your kind words! You have a beautiful family and I can see that you are Blessed in Abundance! ~Pandora

Michelle said...

oh how cute!!