Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365, Week 9

Almost before it started, February is coming to a close.  We welcome March for the warmer days with the hope of the occasional WARM day here and there! 

February 21
I actually didn't get a picture today but I didn't think a substitute of Aiden's noggin from the day before would be a bad thing.

February 22
We went out to our favorite breakfast place down the street.  The girls always order the Mickey Mouse pancake.
February 23
Admittedly a little redneck, the girls had fun getting themselves up on the cab of daddy's pick-up truck where they played with dolls and read.
February 24
Avery had to do a photoshoot with her bear because "he was turning five years old".
February 25
This picture made me laugh when I downloaded it.  I was taking it because Aiden was being so big playing with his sisters at the library on this rainy the time it wasn't even noteworthy to me that Amanda was there in her princess gown....just another day in this wonderful craziness I call my life.
February 26
This is my office, where I was working much of the week.  We had a large cell phone deal that had been planned to happen this week, so at least I was expecting it.
February 27
We had a beautiful drive down to my SIL Sarah's house.
We got to watch my nephew play basketball and then we went back to their house for lunch and hanging out.  It was so good to be together with no'd been a while.
Later, after church, we went to my sister's house for pizza.  These three year-olds are quite the pair...this is Trevor posing.  "Auntie, let me see!"
There are so many great Projects at Sara's blog...head on over.


He & Me + 3 said...

YOur children are adorable. I love that Avery is taking pictures of her bear. LOL So cute.
The ride to your sisters house is beautiful. Love the snow covered trees on the side of the road.

sara said...

Avery taking after her mama....precious!!!

Loved seeing Amanda in her princess gown at the library!

Darla said...

beautiful drive to your sisters...and i love that Aiden is starting to 'play' with the girls. it won't be long until they are all running through the house together.... sooo much fun you all are having over there. what a beautiful stage of life.

Dena said...

You're "replacement photo" is his eyes!

Looks like another shutterbug in the house. Too cute. :)

LuAnn said...

Cute as usual !!! I love library time.
Your office looks like a cozy place to work too.
Blessing to you this week!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun week! I love that your little one is doing a photo shoot with her birthday bear! too funny!

Elizabeth said...

I want a Mickey Mouse pancake...yummy!

H-Mama said...

A princess gown. In a pumpkin. At the library. That's priceless. Seriously. And Avery taking pictures reminds me of when we must recognize all of Gracie's stuffed animal bdays. You have to love this season of life. ;) I'll have to give those Mickey Mouse pancakes a try!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What a cute picture of Mr. A!!! He is getting so big! Love all these pictures (and jealous of the beautiful snow, although I am sure you are sick of it by now!)

The Bug said...

Great pictures - but I think I like the library one best. Such a priceless memory!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

This post was just FULL of cuteness. The pancake, the baby face, the pumpkin playhouse, the bear's birthday photoshoot! My goodness. Loved it all!

rita said...

Beautiful children.
Fancy cool clean office!