Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365, Week 7

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10

This was a great week, although I will say that every week of the year.  I just don't believe in "bad days, weeks, years, etc".  Bad things happen but God is unwaveringly good and his blessings can always be found.

Shaun worked less, more people were healthy than not and we had the opportunity to do lots of fun things.  The snow that affected so much of the country was only a couple inches here and since I am not a skier, that goes in the 'good things' category.

Have a great day with your Valentine.

February 7
Super Bowl Sunday.  We had a nice quiet morning as a family, then we went to see Great Grandpa and then up the road to my sister Bethany's house where most of my family was gathered.  We watched  the Christian comedian Tim Hawkins on DVD.  Have you seen him?  If not, you must youtube some of his work...too funny.

Later that evening, we went to our friends the Sharps house.  They have a big, beautiful house that was made to host parties such as this.  The food was abundant and delicious.  Our hostess, Connie is great with kids and is not afraid to make a mess while having amount of beads or glitter scares her.  She helped the kids make noisemakers and they did a parade for our very own half-time show.  Amanda was the leader (I know there's a term for that person).
February 8
We kicked off our ladies bible study group.  We're doing Beth Moore's Esther and I'm so excited!  Excited to see what God wants to teach me and excited to get to know these beautiful ladies better.
February 9
Avery worked long and hard on her Valentines for our family.
February 10
We were braced for THE storm of year and thankfully we did not get any where near the 8-12 in they were calling for. 
February 11
It was a full day and ended with these beautiful, yummy! cookies from a friend.
February 12
We have lots of doorways in our house and the layout allows for two different circles.  Perfect for playing chase and peek-a-boo.  By nature I'm not as playful as I'd like to be, but today the girls and I had fun running after each other, laughing and screaming like...well...girls.  :)
February 13
Since the kids were away, we decided to take full advantage.  We ran a few errands then sat down to a nice quiet dinner and interruptions, no potty trips, no spilled was nice

Check out Sara's project and all the others...we've got quite a group this year!


H-Mama said...

What a great week! "...His blessings can always be found." So true.

He & Me + 3 said...

You had a full week. The peek a boo picture is so sweet. I can feel their fun through the shot. I love the last picture. THat is a blessing to have a date night every now and then.
Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

sara said...

oh Lisa, what a beautiful picture of your kids!!!!

and your week looks full and fun!!

I know you are going to enjoy that study, but especially with this group of you study God's word together, they will become very special friends!!

Darla said...

my girls and i used to run in circles playing chase, i could just hear the great photos! and stories. :D

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Beautiful picture of your children! Happy Valentine's Day to your family!

The time with friends sounds great!

I hope you really enjoy the Beth Moore study! I did it last winter and it actually changed my life. I'd love to share it with you sometime. Just curious, how do you girls watch Beth's talk? Computer? TV? I would love to host a Bible study at my house. I've downloaded the sessions for other studies and watched from my computer, but thought that would not be the best idea for a group. Just curious.

We got all your snow, I guess. We've had three feet in the last week and a half. We may get an inch or two this week, but that's nothing compared to the last two storms. I'm ready to see a daffodil!

I used to live in a house that had lots of doors and paths for chasing - fun memories.

Thanks for sharing; see ya next week!

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures - Each one of them! Loved the portrait of the kids.

Dena said...

Have fun with your bible study group. You can't go wrong with Beth Moore studies. :)

Laughing and giggling like girls is what I miss most about my daughters being away at college.

Congrats on missing out on the snow. I think we got here instead.

Amy said...

Growing up we had a house like that and we had so much fun...probably drove our mom nuts, but she never let on. Love the date night it is nice to just sit and relax while someone else waits on you.

Great pictures


Tori said...

What a fun week! You will love Esther! There is something about a house with "circles" that just screams run through me, isn't there?

skoots1mom said...

good pics :)

Michelle said...

sounds like y'all had a wonderful week! and I love that first picture of the kids...precious!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

The Valentine portrait is breathtaking. Seriously. I SO wish I could get a nice shot of all of my kids at once like that.

I have a "circle," as you say, in my house, too. Drives me crazy. There's a lot of racing and chasing that goes on around here. Mostly when I'm trying to cook dinner. (And the kitchen is on the track.)

Great week!