Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Servants and Scrubbles

One of the things I love about having small children is the witnessing their fresh, innocent, unbiased view of the world.  Its so fun to look on as they figure out things out.  Here are a couple of excerpts that I stopped and took note of:

 My contact lens came out while I was driving, so I pulled over and put some re-wetting drops in my eyes to get it back in.  From the back Avery says, mom, that's just like we had for our eyes. 
Me: Yeah, that was when you had pink eye
Avery: You gave us those drops 'cause you wanted our eyes to be brown?

Amanda: I was trying to get Bear's ribbon on but I couldn't do it.
Me: It's kinda tricky to do
Amanda: Well, maybe tomorrow I will be able to do it or maybe when I'm a grown-up like you guys.

Me: Amanda, do you want to make a card for Grandpa?
Amanda:  (With a downtrodden look), I can only make scrubbles.  I can't make an "A" or a "J" or a "D"

Shaun and I were caught hugging the other night.  Amanda announced, Mommy, you can marry Daddy and I will marry Avery.

Anyone have advice on explaining the Trinity to a three and four year-old?  At bedtime, their prayer request is often, I want to pray for Jesus (yes, to him AND for him).  And the other one will say, I want to pray for God.  Then every once in a while, Avery will ask, who do we like better?  Jesus?  Or God?  Then Amanda and Avery will start fighting about who is better.

After a playdate with a friend, the girls came back with an understanding of the word servant, only it was in a derogatory way.  Not acceptable for them to be ordering each other around in a demanding servant/master way.  So, Shaun clearly explained what the bible says about being a servant and some of the examples Jesus gave us.  They are still learning, and really aren't we all?

The girls were asking to watch a movie which I said no to.  Amanda said, Well Mom, you are not being a servant because you are not letting me watch the movie I want.  There are quite a few such examples and its hard to respond to her when she puts things that way. :)

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.

Mark 9:35


sara said...

this post made me smile. I loved it!!!

So glad your girls now have brown eyes and not pink! ha!

It's hard enough to get adults to understand the trinity let alone small children. just keep using those teachable moments to talk to them...sometimes we adults make it harder than it needs to be. your last verse is perfect!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

Ha! My girls are obsessed with my contact lenses and when the get old, I give them to them. They also play servant and master. And often put on rags and offer to clean the house. Must be Cinderella. Love the goofy pics of the girls!

Laurie said...

Maybe this is silly, but I remember being taught that the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit were like an egg... three parts: the shell, the yolk, and the white. Three distinct parts, but all together ONE.

Michelle said...

those are so sweet!
my favorite is about the pink eyes!

beautiful pictures of your girls

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I try to remember all the cute things they say, but unless it was hilarious (like the dog not having hands), it flies out my head.

Those pictures of the girls are gorgeous.

Love Laurie's analogy about the egg. They could get that, but Sara is RIGHT: it's hard enough to get adults to understand!

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day with all your sweeties!

mom said...

Scrubbles is a cute word.

Connie said...

How about an egg for an example of the trinity. Egg white, egg yoke, and shell but all one egg.

Amy said...

C4 was 4 and came home from alpha church with a paper that had three circles...God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. I asked him if he understood what that meant. Very matter-of-factly he said "Yeah. You can get water from a faucet, boil it on the stove, or make ice in the freezer, but it's still the same water."

Brilliant wisdom from a 4 year old. Thank you Alpha Church teachers!!!