Friday, May 14, 2010

Aiden is Ten Months

It pained me to type "ten". I can no longer deny that he is closer to one than newborn. But when I start to wish I could go back in time with any of my kids, I wonder where would I want to go back to? I'd miss the person they are right at this very minute.

For example, right now Aiden absolutely lights up when he sees me, just because I'm his momma. He didn't do that when he was one week old. My vast mothering experience of nearly five years has shown me that there are trade-offs with the growing up process. Ten months, for instance. He no longer stays where I put him but because he gets to where he needs to go, he's much better about entertaining himself.

He is a cruising machine and is confident getting up and down. He claps his hands, which delights the girls. He waves, but can be a little shy about doing it. He loves to be held and cries when I leave the room.

His schedule hasn't changed much since last month. He goes to bed between 8 and 9, gets up at 6 for a feeding and then again at 9. He takes two naps, usually the morning one is longer. He's still nursing fairly often and we both really enjoy that time together.

When he went for his nine-month check-up three days ago, he was 18.12 lbs and 27.5 in, so he's dipped back down into the 10-15th percentile. The doctor is not worried and I assured her he eats just fine.

Aiden has two bottom teeth, which came in without incident. He "talks" quite a bit...da, da, da and dat! dat! He's so smiley and happy most of the time, especially when he's being held. He really likes to be held and I haven't necessarily done anything to discourage it. I know time will take care of that.

He likes to be outside and spends quite a bit of time in his swing watching his daddy work and watching his sisters be crazy. He also enjoys playing in their room with them where there are bright pink toys and things to climb on. His sense of humor is developing and he "gets" some of the games we play, such as peek-a-boo

We've had such a fun month with him, here are a "few" photos from the month.

Looking at Amanda being silly next to his chair.
Avery took this one while the kids were playing on their own.
The view from my office chair
He gets very excited when its bath time...he starts giggling and bouncing up and down while I'm trying to undress him.
First time at the beach.
We spent an evening at the park and I let him loose.  Surprisingly, he didn't try to eat all the woodchips.

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