Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 365, Week 21

I've realized I stink at these little intros...they all sound the same.  We had a good week, the weather was mainly good, life is good.  For all those things I am so thankful, I just don't think it makes for very exciting "headlines".

Thinking back, one of the most exciting things for me was meditating on this scripture I memorized a couple years ago:

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness Lamentations 3:22,23

Another translation:

God's loyal love couldn't have run out, his merciful love couldn't have dried up. They're created new every morning.  How great your faithfulness!

Now, think on that a while and tell me you don't get excited, too!

May 16
Aiden and I went to watch two of my nieces dance in their recital.  Allison (5) is third from the right, Juliet (9) is the first girl after that clump of girls from the left.  Both pictures taken while nursing in the very back row. :)

May 17
Daddy and Amanda hanging out while Avery and I went to her dance class which was cancelled.
May 18
One of our favorites at the nursing home....her room is loaded with lollipops, cheese balls, crackers, etc.  Plus she has all manner of stuffed animals who sing and dance.  What more could you ask for??  Amanda always asks if she can take an extra candy for thoughtful.
May 19
We bought some new hair accessories, so the girls had to try them...ALL!
May 20
These two were up kind of early, so we all took Riley for a walk.  A perfect morning!

May 21
Back in April when it was determined that Shaun would not be playing softball, I was a little worried that he would miss it.  Well, this week he got his complimentary-custom-fitted golf clubs back...he and our brother-in-law went out and he shot his best game ever.  He proudly displayed the scorecard on the frig.  Softball, schmoffball. :)

May 22
Amanda emerged from her room like this, ready for bed.  Everything she does is with just a little bit of flair. (BK crown from her date with Daddy on Monday).

Last week several of you asked about the songs we are recording, so I thought I'd give you a sample, MTV (does that still exist??) know, music AND video. All songs were written by my dad over the last 35 or so years.  This song is the girls' favorite...they call it the Crazy Song.

Thanks for hosting, Sara.  Have a great week everyone!


Dena said...

I used to work at a nursing home back when I was in high school, there was a lady there that reminds me of the lady you mention. You couldn't help but feel good after being in her room.

I live with 2 "golfaholics", and if they could play all year long they'd be so happy. ha

LOVE the crown! So cute!

sara said... video was just hilarious!!!

Avery, that girl can sing!!!

And I love how Amanda made it in in the last second to put her hands up for Jesus!!

I know I say this often, but this brings back so many memories of my house! I am still laughing and may have to go back and watch it again!

Ladynred said...

What a fun video. Love the May 20 and 22 shots.

Rebecca Jo said...

That nursing home picture is adorable... i bet those kids bring so much life into that building & to the people there!!!!

Love the paper crown falling over the eyes too - she looks ticked off - haha!!!

your lab looks just like my yellow lab - love those dogs! Such good animals

McCrakensx4 said...

My Nannie was one of those in the nursing home that always had treats for the kids when they came to visit! And great job on the golf game! That is awesome...I am not into golf but my hubby and parents are! And love the pic of the princesses with all of their new hair goodies on!

Connie said...

Love the video of the girls singing...especially Amanda batting her eyes at the end...too cute!

rita said...

lol those girls are sooooooooo darling. Gotta LOVE that Amanda girl her outfits and expressions. The final frame in the video is priceless!

That scripture is so meaningful to me. It kept me going EVERY day when my 18 yr.old unwed daughter was pregnant. Now her beautiful daughter is 18. God is good all the time!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the video - couple little hams ya got there! And she does have quite the fashion flare, doesn't she?!

Amy said...

Amanda is something else!

The Bug said...

The girls are SO cute in the video! LOVE the end the best. And I like the song too.

Tori said...

I'm impressed that you can nurse and get pictures at the same time!! :)
I LOVE that they have on every accessory at the same time. Too cute.
That video is priceless and it must really bless grandpa's heart to hear those two singing it!!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha!!!! That video. was. something. else!!! Seriously. The look on Amanda's face at the beginning and then again at the end!! Ha!! That kid's got some personality!!! :) Loved it!!!