Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 365, Week 18 and a Giveaway

Happy May!  May is one of my favoritest months.  The weather is so good and is our anniversary month, too!  There are usually fun events like graduations, ball games and recitals.  It also used to kick off the softball season for us.  Anyway, just looking forward to what's in store for MAY!

Part of our week was spent in sunny Florida and part of it was spent in sunny Connecticut.  Yay for spring!  We had a good time away and then it took us the next couple to catch up on work.  Come to think of it, I don't think there is such a thing as being "caught up", is there?

I bought some flowers and did some on going yard work.  I was reminiscing to last year and thinking how much easier it is to bend and squat, etc without being 7, 8, 9 months pregnant.  Go figure!  We had a record high-temp April by more than 6 degrees and when you have long winters like we have here, that is a blessing!

I'm linking this project up to Sara this week.

April 25
Nana held Aiden while the rest of us swam in her community pool.

April 26
I took two of the kids to the pond to see if we could spot the duck family and we found some shade under a palm tree, which led to a big discussion on the Easter story.  Amanda is so fascinated with it.
April 27
We spent the day at Busch Gardens, mostly in the Sesame Street area, which was perfect for us.  This is a mini-Flume ride, though they didn't really get wet.
April 28
Back home!  I was delighted to look out my kitchen window to see my lilacs had bloomed.  I love that smell!
April 29
Caught the girls reading a story together.  Avery's gotten good and fast enough that Amanda will now sit and listen to her.
April 30
I called Amanda into the bathroom to do her hair and this is what greeted me
May 1
May Day!  My sister and I did a babysitting swap.  These are the two little cousins hanging out while Avery was in dance class and the older ones were playing some form of baseball. about a giveaway??

CSN Stores had generously offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers.  This store sells everything, I think.  We have ongoing remodeling and decorating projects going on here at our 1895 home, so there are lots of things that caught my eye there.  They have rugs and picture frames, all manner of kitchen ware and household furniture, including corner tv stands.

My sister and her husband just finished their bonus room and now have a media room.   Those are all the rage now, aren't they?  I like the idea that there is one place the family can gather and be all together in one room.  And so to enter, just go take a quick peek at their tv stands and leave a comment stating which one you'd pick for your family room.

Oh, the prize?  This adorable fabric toy box for you or as a gift to someone you know (pictured baby not included).  I know its perfect for 9-month old Aiden because he can't fall on it and hit his head. :)

I will chose a winner Thursday morning.


sara said...

I love the grip aiden has on his grandma's shirt in the first picture!

The picture of Amanda in her tiara made me laugh. I just scanned in close to 100+ pictures of Jason this weekend and there is one that I thought of immediately when I saw this....I think I will post it on Monday!! He'll love me for it! :)

I love any of the stands that are simple and clean looking. We hope one day to have a new TV and want to put it over our fireplace.

Our worship pastor's wife is having twins in a few weeks....I would love to give her this toy box!!!

Tori said...

I don't think her hair needed to be done, she did a pretty good job! :)
So glad you had a nice time traveling.
Have as super week!!

rita said...

'Caught up' what's that? ;)

Love the palm tree hideout, and princess A! All your photos, really.

And my choice of TV stand would be the Sauder Camden County Corner model. It's oak and would fit our decor and furniture arrangement best.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Love Amanda's tiara!! And how sweet that sisters will read to each other. Awww...

May IS a great month, isn't it? Just so happens to be my birthday month. Not that I'm terribly excited about THAT! Eek!

Okay. So I checked out the TV stands...and I'm thinking I like this one:

(Sort of has a Pottery Barn Kids feel.)

Hoping I'll win...that little toy bin would match my youngest two boys' room EXACTLY!!

Elizabeth said...

What a precious picture of the kiddos under the palm tree!

Vanessa/Chelsea said...

LOL! My girls LOVE that song! Cute pictures...Everyone is getting SO big!

H-Mama said...

Princess Amanda is quite adorable in her lil' tiara. Love her expression. ;)

The Bug said...

Loved your pictures - especially Ms. Tiara - too cute!