Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project 365, Week 20

We had a great week...hope you did too.  It started out chilly but by the end of the week spring was back.  Aiden turned 10 months old this week and I just am amazed at how big all the kids are getting.  Time...slow down!

May 9
I had a nice quiet Mother's Day.  Shaun took us out to breakfast and then we had a low-key day at home...perfect.

May 10
While Avery and I were at dance class, the other two played outside while Daddy worked.  Apparently, Aiden had his first popsicle.
May 11
We went down to see my nephew Jared's baseball game.  Though they lost, we saw him play well at third base.  After, we had a nice dinner at Sarah's house.
May 12
My dad is recording his second CD of songs he has written and has asked me and my sisters to join him on a couple songs.  This was the first day of recording.
May 13
I got home late, so I went in the girls' room to kiss them.  Sweetness.
May 14
After years of "making do", Shaun has finally gotten serious about his wood storage.  The girls are thrilled about their new fort. :)
May 15
A friend invited me to tag along as a second shooter to a Bat Mitzvah (a Jewish celebration for a 13 year-old girl).  There were about 160 guests, 70 of them were right around 13 years old as well.  The DJ did a great job and it was a par-tay!   I learned a lot and am thankful for the experience.
Have a great week!  I'm linking up with Sara.


sara said...

great picture of you and the kids!

looks like Aiden is liking his first Popsicle!!!

how fun that your dad is recording a CD! What type of music is it?

and the sleeping picture....precious.

H-Mama said...

Recording together, as a family... priceless. I'm sure your family will cherish that recording for years to come.

Sleeping baby pictures are the best!

Great picture of you and the kids. {makes me wish i'd gotten out the tripod to take some with my girls.}

skoots1mom said...

sweet pictures...
bet the bat mizvah was fun :)

Ladynred said...

What a beautiful picture of you and the kids on Mother's day!

The Bug said...

I want to know more about the CD too!

Your kids really are too cute...

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I have never been to a Bat Mizvah or a Bar Mizvah either. I bet it was fun seeing that Hebraic tradition!

Wonderful week!

Rebecca Jo said...

Ahhh - that first picture with you & your babies is so sweet...

Recording studio... how professional! And how COOL!!!

Tori said...

Love your Mother's Day picture! How fun to be recording with your family!
I bet the Bat Mizvah was the place to be.
Have a super week!

Darla said...

i absolutely love your pictures this week! great picture of you and the kids, Aiden is beginning to show his personality through his smile! and i love that your Dad is recording a CD! i know how exciting that is and how special it will always be to your family as well. you are the most amazing 365er Lisa! really. have a blessed week!