Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project 365, Week 22

First, today is a very special day for me...we are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary.  If you are curious, this post has photos of the day, complete with all the outdated attire.  Last night we watched our wedding video with the kids and I put on my wedding dress.  The girls loved it! and Amanda insisted that I dance with "the prince".  So we did...right there in the TV room with my train trailing behind.  God has proven himself faithful over these last amazing years.  Can't wait for the next 16!!

We started and ended the week with family birthday parties.  Two of my nephews turned the big 0-1 and my sisters put on birthday extravaganzas!  The rest of the week went at a nice steady pace.  We are just lovin' our summer-like weather!

May 23
Levi Allan Milo turns 1!

May 24
So thankful for affordable summer fruit!  We consume large quantities of fruit at our house and it is a part-time job feeding Aiden.
May 25
We couldn't help but be outside.  The kids swam and had a snack and colored.  Riley waited for crumbs to fall.
Later, we went for probably the last recording session.
May 26
Cousin Alayna came over to play.
May 27
The girls first time in the lake this season.  My mom was "wading" in, but ended up almost completely wet.  Aiden was exhausted from being up much of the night before cutting four...yes, four top teeth (thanks, Shaun) so he wasn't into the whole scene.
May 28
I took lunch to where Shaun was working and we had a picnic. 
May 29
Happy Birthday, Rocco Quinn!

And that was our week.  Thanks for hosting, Sara.  Happy Memorial Day!


LuAnn said...

Love the kids birthday pictures. Something about them eating their cake. Cute - I will see you here next week to link up. Blessings to you and your family next week.

Dena said...

Happy Anniversary! I must say I am so jealous that you can still fit into your wedding dress. How awesome!

We eat a lot of fruit at our house too, and like you, I'm so thankful it's affordable again.

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Shaun. What a rewarding trip, I am sure, 16 years!

Kim said...

Last photo cracked me up! All the photos were great though :-) You take wonderful photos.

Tori said...

Happy Anniversary! Is there anything more fun then smashed birthday cakes? :)
Glad you were able to enjoy so much time outside this week!
Have a super week!

H-Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! What a special moment... putting your wedding dress on for your kids to see.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Here's to summer fruit and smash cakes!!!!! Nothin' but fun for you guys this week!! Oh, and Happy Anniversary! Loved all your wedding photos, too.