Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aiden is Fourteen Months

Aiden is growing so big!  I feel like he's done all the rapid-fire "big" stuff, like sitting, standing, walking, first word, and is now settling in to small new discoveries.  SUCH a fun age.  Pure cuteness.

Sadly this month I "weaned" him.  I use the term wean loosely because really I took the cowardly way out and just stopped when Shaun and I went on vacation for five days.  When we got back he never gave any indication that he even had a memory of nursing.  He loves milk and has even sweet-talked his way into a bottle for most bedtimes.  I miss that time with him but it was good for our overall relationship.  Now I can hold him (while sitting down!) and snuggle him and there is no expectation that I will feed him.  It a good thing, just...sad.

He continues to cry everytime I change him.  Every time.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Its only with me...Shaun can change him without incident.  At this rate he will be dressing himself very soon. :)

Aiden is such a love.  He now gives hugs upon request (and other times) and it is heart. melting!

He is picky, picky, picky.  We keep trying the same things with him and he turns his nose up at most everything.  Getting protein in him has proven to be very challenging.  Its frustrating, but I just think about the stories I will tell him when he is 15 and can't eat enough of any food that is in the house.

His only show everyday is a portion of Sesame Street that is on when he's eating breakfast.  Already he gets a kick out of Elmo. 

He has perfected sleeping.  He sleeps anywhere from 12-14 hours straight every night, and almost always wakes up some time after 10 AM.  Very helpful!

Though most of his talk is still just babble, he is very good at communicating with his "words".  He's a talker, for sure.  Often he nods his head yes in response to a question.  That same gesture is for "please" also.

Just recently, since Shaun has been around more, Aiden has really taken an interest in what he's working on.  The other day he grabbed a (clean) paintbrush and quite clearly told us what should be done with it and where.  He was so clear that he wanted to go upstairs to his room where his daddy had been painting.  He's such a blessed little guy to be able to have Shaun for a daddy to learn from.

Big sister is helping him learn to stay out of the road.

Never too far from what his sisters are doing.


Melody said...

I love him!

LuAnn said...

too cute !!!

Elizabeth said...

Can't get over how similar Aiden and Trey are when it comes to diaper changes and picky eating. Just in the last few weeks has Trey stopped pitching a fit EVERY time he had a diaper change. So annoying. And if you figure out how to get protein down your boy, give me some tips. Trey won't even touch cheese or eggs. What?! You're right, though. They'll be eating us out of house and home sooner than we think.