Monday, September 6, 2010

Project 365, Week 36

Another very busy weekend so posting got back-burnered (a word?) again, and happy to do it for such a good cause.  We had our 6th Annual Lobster Fest and had family in from NY and PA.

We stayed close to home for most of the week and enjoyed the warm weather.  Shaun pulled a couple 16 and 17 hour days to finish the apartment and he got it done!  All four of us were thrilled to have him around for some waking hours after the 1st.  Thankful for a hard-working man who provides for us.

August 29
It warms a mother's heart to walk into a room and hear your 5 and 3 year-old reading bible stories together. :)

August 30
I'm happy when I see Avery acting like a little girl.
August 31
We spent some time at the apartment helping Daddy.  Not sure how much of a help we were, but the kids had fun trying.
Aiden doesn't go out of his way looking for trouble but he does have a weakness for rolling paper goods out...wax paper, toilet paper...
September 1
For dinner, we went out to ice-cream to celebrate having Shaun back in our lives.  The ever-proper and rule-abider Avery reminded us that we hadn't had dinner yet, but we told her it was a special occasion. :)
Amanda had the camera and asked us to dance.  Then she wanted us to pose on either side of a stranger's car.  Where does she get this? :)  Not bad though, right?  I mean our heads even made it in.
September 2
A family afternoon...we went to my sister's house to beat the heat.  Sadly, the swimming season will be winding down here very soon.
September 3
The girls were all about doing puzzles this week.
We did a photo shoot for my niece's one-year.  This is one of my favorites from the day.
September 4
Our family arrived and my sister hosted dinner for everyone after church.  Avery and her cousin were playing in the bushes.
And there was a "campfire" for roasting marshmallows. 
A really good, blessed week.  How was yours?


The Bug said...

Great pictures! Love the one of you guys dancing - & Aiden with ice cream all over his mouth. That's how I look too - I figure there's really no sense wiping my mouth until I'm done :)

sara said...

great pics....but where's the lobster?!!! I wanted to vicariously eat some through you! ha!

I love how you posted that Avery, your rule follower, pointed out you missed dinner....that was my Alyssa. made me smile!!!

Aiden and the ice sweet!

Lori said...

You have some great pictures there and I think the one of you two dancing is very sweet! I love it when I hear Jack talking about his Bible stories too!