Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aiden is Seventeen Months

Aiden is turning into a little boy and we are losing sight of our baby.  This age is SUCH a blast.  They understand so much and still everything is so new and fascinating.

He requests to sing Up Above all the time, meaning he wants me to sing Twinkle, Twinkle.  He says, Mom, Up Above and then buries his head into my neck and snuggles in, completely melting me.  He gave up his bottle on his own.  Instead, when I lay him down he immediately shoves as much of his fluffy blanket into his mouth as will fit.

He is still such a picky eater, but we found that he will eat anything, as long as its on pizza.  Strange, but we are going with it.

Any drink is a ba-ba
He uses please and thank you generously and usually without prompting
He has a new word everyday, it seems
dog: dough-dough or do-do
basket (as in basketball): baket
He's got slight variations of how he says Trot, but he's got the inflection of his voice down, depending on why he is calling him, or scolding him, etc

The difference between boys and girls has fascinated me and its being played out so obviously in our house.  We are set up for girls.  Nearly every toy we have is pink and has a girl theme.  But despite that Aiden has still managed to seek out all things boy.  If Shaun leaves a tool out, Aiden scoops it up in no time.  He can spot a ball a mile away and already has a bit of a fetish with them.  Everyday he
spends an hour or two moving the firewood around.

He loves to read, sometimes by himself or sometimes he brings a book to one of us and wants to get up on our lap to read.  That always makes my (gladly) drop what I'm doing and oblige.

Here's Aiden in pictures over the last month...

Its such a fun treat to go get him in the morning.  He always wakes up happy and talkative.  He's got a special smile reserved just for his momma and to me, its just about as good as life gets


Meg A. said...

He is just SOOO cute! I want to squeeze his cheeks!

sara said...

I can just hear his belly laughs in those pictures!!!!

Andrea said...

My favs...the Red Sox book with daddy, nothing else. The pink purse one is cute. And I like the b&w feet.