Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project 365, Week 51

Don't you just love this time of year?  So many fun activities and constant reminders of how much we have to be thankful for.

December 12
Shaun's grandfather took all of us out for dinner as a Christmas gift.  This is Shaun's aunt with her three boys, Shaun's only cousins.  That has forever boggled my mind, since I cannot accurately name all of my first cousins.  This was the first time we'd all been together in years and we had a nice time visiting.

December 13
A dog's life

December 14
We spent time with all the ornaments, picking our favorites, me telling stories behind some of them, Trot trying to chew them.  I also like the hole in Avery's tights from the dog, no doubt.  The girls wore their dance leotards for most of the week.

December 15
We went to see my nephew's winter concert.  He plays a mean sax and since he is in 7th grade now, the quality is definitely going up all the time.
I brought my other nephew Colombo along since they are best buds and they spent the rest of the night talking and doing iStuff.
while we were in there, the boys were hanging out.  Shaun took Aiden to the mall and they went in a sports store.  Apparently Aiden was a huge hit in the store as people observed his excitement over all the balls.  They ate pizza together and then came home.   At some point Shaun gave Aiden a banana and Aiden thought it would make a good hair moisturizer.  It took several days to get it all out.
 December 16
A night spent with good friends...after dinner coffee, a roaring fire and good conversation.  So blessed.
 December 17
Giving Aiden a quick breakfast before Pop and Kiki whisked him and Amanda away to go minister at a nursing home.  That left us with just Avery since she had Nutcracker practice.  It was so much fun to have just, she is getting old!
 December 18
In keeping with tradition, we celebrated Christmas with Shaun's side of the family early, to ensure we could all be together for Christmas.  Sarah and Tony did a knock-out job hosting and we had an enjoyable evening.


Andrea said...

kind of funny. just took our family pic around the tree and had the same placement of kids, oldest in the middle, daddy holding Skylar and mommy had the babe. Ours was kind of color scemed. Only since that is what we had on from church this morning. Nice picture of your family. Maybe I'll get mine up some time. Ha.Nice work keeping up through out the year, Lisa.

The Bug said...

You have the best pictures - LOVE the one of the whole family. And Aiden with his banana moisturizer. Heh.