Sunday, December 5, 2010

Project 365, Week 49

Looking back, this was a really long week, in a good way.  On Monday we said goodbye to Nana and Grandpa John who returned to sunny, warm Florida.  Work was intensely busy for me and Shaun has started back at H&R Bl*ck part-time.  

We started our advent calendar, too, which is always a hit.  Every year I think I'm going to plan something great and grandiose, but I'm just not the crafty, creative mom, so we continue with the $1 cardboard boxes that have a little chocolate in each door and really the kids couldn't be happier or more excited about it. :)  However it happens, I'm so thankful to be counting down to Christmas!

November 28
Shaun sent the girls in to clean their room, which had stuff all over the floor.  He was smart enough to remind them not to throw everything in the closet.  Later, they proudly showed us their clean room...with stuff piled high on the window seats....they found a loophole!

November 29
Shaun's dad drove out from Chicago to be with the family for Thanksgiving and ended up in the hospital for four days with pneumonia.  He was released on Monday so we went to spend some time with him before he drove back the next day.  Shaun remembers his dad reading Fox in Socks a couple hundred times so we brought that for him to read to the girls....then Avery read it to him.

Four generations
November 30
After dance class Avery was instructing Amanda in the kitchen.
 December 1
A rainy, windy day and Trot was NOT happy about having to go outside....but Amanda was!

 December 2
We met for lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday.
 checking out the jukebox
 December 3
We went to check out the ceremony location for a wedding I am photographing this week.  The girls posed so I could do some test shots.  I love it because these are classic outfits for them right now.  Avery and Amanda wanted to get all dressed up because we had an outing to the nursing home (we don't get out much).  Avery with her little pink sweater and now the scarf that she wears all the time and Amanda in her mismatched shoes, spinning, just because she can.
December 4
My fourth photoshoot of the week.  Sweetness.


{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

I love the polkadot dresses and mismatched shoes. It's absolutely precious. Naive days of childhood are the sweetest thing. You do an excellent job of capturing the most cherished moments of childhood.

The Bug said...

I was going to mention the mismatched shoes at the jukebox - but I see it's a fashion statement, not a one off. Too cute! Love the pic of Amanda with the umbrella.

LuAnn said...

Love the girls at the photo shoot
and the little piggies.

When our daughter would clean room room everything went under the bed. Funny on to window seat.

Darla said...

i love the four generations photo. that is priceless!

H-Mama said...

So sorry to hear about Sean's dad. Glad you guys were able to squeeze in a few memories with him before he had to leave.

Advent calendars are a great idea, but with everything else... it's never taken off in our home. Sigh.

The clean room made me *giggle*. Little girls and those loopholes. So, we're not the only ones. ha.

Love the generational shot! And the baby's foot is melt-my-mama-heart precious!

Momagoose said...

Love Amanda's mis-matched shoes! So her!