Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 365, Week 52

Merry Christmas!  Still reveling in all things Christmas and will worry about recovering the house soon enough...just not now.  Instead I'm enjoying being inside while we get our first snow of the season.

December 19
I started the week off photographing the celebration of little Sam...his dedication to God and adoption finalization.  Such a sweet, blessed, loved boy.

While I was there, Shaun took the kids to watch Avery's final Nutcracker performance.
Later, cousin Alayna came over for a bit before we headed to Shaun's basketball game.

December 20
This is how the puppy often sleeps and, lucky for him, there is often a soft winter coat (or two) lying on the kitchen floor. :)

Our annual cookie bake off.

December 21
No picture.  I was busy being the sickest I've been in at least 10 years with the stomach bug and a migraine.

December 22
Three big packages arrived from Grandpa and the girls (and boy) enjoyed Avery's new make-up kit, gloves, beads, etc.
The dog again...just strikes me funny 'cause Riley never slept like this.
December 23
Shaun took the girls outside to get them out from underfoot.  They brought out their makeup and sat on the pile of wood in the back of Daddy's pickup truck.

December 24
One of my favorite things all year, the Christmas Eve service at church.
 December 25
Christmas!  You gotta know, I've got hundreds from the day, so for the purposes of 365, I went with the very first one I snapped for the day.  My Uncle Lee with a fresh-out-of-bed Amanda.

Here's a couple more...


The Bug said...

Love the kids playing with the makeup - too cute!

I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

Melody said...

Sawweeet - From Uncle Lee :)

From Melody: Just rewatched the slide show, such beauitful memories, thanks for capturing them! I've loved your 365 this year, thanks for doing it and congrats on finishing the whole year!