Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everyday Superheros

Late Monday night the stomach bug hit me.  I was up a good part of the night and when the morning came around and Trot started whining I woke Shaun up to go deal with him.  By the time he left for work at 9 all three kids were up.  He left strict orders for them to not bother Momma.  He also left Avery his phone number and a short list of instructions.

I appeared a couple times throughout the day, twice to put Aiden down for a nap, once to change a diaper and a couple times to deal with some necessary work stuff.  The rest of the day I was incapacitated.  Looking back on the day, I feel like I spent it in a is a complete blur and I'm still not sure it actually happened.  Before Shaun left he asked if he could get me anything so I asked for my laptop but I wasn't even able to read or work on the computer.  I just layed in the dark with my electric was the sickest I've been in at least ten years.

Shaun came home for lunch to feed the kids and then he was back at 6.  He said within 30 seconds of walking in the dog pulled a bowl off the table and it broke and the house was more messy than its ever been since we've owned it.  Now that's saying something.  He said it'd been a day right out of Lord of the Flies.

When I walked downstairs this morning I would have never known anything had happened, he'd cleaned it all up.  He'd also stripped a peed-in bed and did a load of laundry.

It was such an awful day for me and Shaun handled the weight of it without a complaint and without me even knowing what was going on.  The girls said they watched five (yes five!) movies while Daddy was at work and Avery called him about 20 times but it all ended ok.

See this man right here?

This is my Mr. Wonderful, my favorite Super Hero.  Thanks for all you do, Shaun.  I love you.


Andrea said...

Lis, glad to hear you are back on your feet but your peed-in bed is more than we needed. Ha ha. I couldn't resist. Sorry for the joke to those that it may be sensitive to. But I had to. Praying your family well.

sara said...

you have a wonderful husband!!! and I am praying that you won't have to do it for him!!! or anyone else!

Elizabeth said...

Oh no!! That is the worst, especially right at Christmas. So glad you are feeling better and the kids survived ; )

Lori said...

Well, I just did a post about my three year old superhero but he is nothing compared to this!! WOW!

Shelva said...

Glad it did not last through the holidays. We have all had it and Shawn was so sick on Christmas night. It started with Marin and traveled through us all with a fierceness I have not experienced in quite some time. Loved the Christmas pictures much love missed you this year but will be in CT on the 14th for a week look forward to seeing you. much love