Monday, September 3, 2012

Project 365, Week 35

Another one of those weeks....when I looked back at the week's pictures, I could not believe it was only seven days worth.  I feel like the first half of the week's pictures were from about three weeks ago.

This was the last week of apartment renovations, so we found pockets of time to be over there working.  We also had a couple Daddy sighting out in real life.  It was wonderful and weird.

Here we are closing up the Labor Day weekend, getting ready to face the fall head on.  {Sigh.}

August 26
We went to a birthday party and had lots of kids to play with.  Aiden and Mason are in the same Sunday School class.

August 27
First day of school.  :(.
 Thankfully the girls only had half day.  After they got home and changed, we headed back to the apartment....not very practical clothes.  :)
August 28
The warmest, lightest rain on the walk to school.  The girls and I loved the rainboots my sister bought me even though they are way cooler than I am....thanks, Amy!

 August 29
Guess which girl this is.  :)
August 30
Making progress!
 Second annual dinner on the water in Mystic with a fabulous group of women.  SUCH a lovely time!
August 31
Adventures at Home Depot!
Fantasy Football draft night.  I miss playing, but at least I'll be helping Z this year.  He has no idea what he's getting into!  :)
 September 1
Lobster Fest weekend officially kicked off.  Look who I got to spend some time with!!
 Pretend with me that this photo is in focus because I just love the expressions!
 September 2
I count 16 adults and 17 kids....what a crew!


The Bug said...

Love that last picture of - Z getting got by the lobster :)

I guess that it's Amanda in the picture - those feet just look a little busy to me...

Lisa said...

Yes, its all down her jumper and socks in her just that way! :)

LuAnn said...

Love your boots and I am guessing Amanda !!!

Looks like another great Lobster Fest too.