Monday, September 2, 2013

Project 365, Week 35

We've taken some breathing space over this weekend and it feels amazing.  And weird.  But mostly amazing.

This week was the beginning of school and the final push, at least for now, to work on the house at a break-neck pace.

My buzz word was normalcy.  Shaun and I were craving it and we experienced bits and pieces...enough to remind us their is life outside of what we've been up to.

August 25
Our kitchen was not even in a condition to get cereal from, so Shaun took us out to breakfast.  As we were getting ready, Shaun tried to find some non-work clothes and, for the first time in months, realized they were all still at the old house.

It felt strange, yet wonderful to be out together as a family doing something other than working.

 I tasked the kids with getting their uniforms and backpacks ready for the next day.  Avery had a meltdown about her jumper that is "too puffy" and Daddy had to talk her off the ledge.  I just kept my paint brush going, while listening and laughing and staying OUT of it...AND, thanking God for uniforms.
 We had a "last supper" on the porch.  While we were grocery shopping I let Amanda pick out any frozen treat she wanted for the last night of summer.  She skipped right over the M&Ms and Snickers and chose 14 calorie pops...Shaun was thrilled.  :)

 August 26
First Day of School!

Later, I went to a lovely evening for my nephew, who recently graduated from nine years of home school and is moving on to high school at a private school.  His mom and dad put together a lovely evening....very intimate and meaningful. 

Its impossible to believe he's in high school...he and I have had such good time together!  My birthday buddy!  :)
 August 27
Homework.  :(  And matching outfits and a "mom" tattoo left over from the weekend.  :)
 August 28
The kids worked together nicely to make chicken parm for dinner.  R loves to work in the kitchen.
 August 29
Aiden was super happy with his new Mighty Machines DVDs I got him.
 August 30
More painting with cousins.
August 31
First day of Lobster Fest weekend and Madison put together a face painting station.  The kids ended up with some impressive designs.

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The Bug said...

My brother was the one who had melt-downs about clothes - mostly he wanted things that didn't ITCH. He was very picky :)

I can't believe school has started back. I'm already missing having Mike around the house so much & it's just been one week of classes. Fall is a long hard trudge around here - he doesn't get a break until Thanksgiving.