Sunday, May 4, 2014

Project 365, Week 18

 I'm showing restraint today and only posting ten photos, which just means I will have a separate post or two to do this week, at the very least our Florida trip.

Such a great week, full of blessings.  God's goodness is evident everywhere!

April 27
Our first morning waking up at the ocean.  I was returning from my morning run when I saw a dad and his little girl walking down the beach far off in the distance. sweet!  When I got closer, I realized it was Shaun and Amanda.

We stopped and talked and then I went to shower.  By the gate, I noticed their carefully placed sandals.
April 28
Fun in the sun shade!
April 29
Shaun and I snuck out for a sunset walk on the beach.
April 30
Busch Gardens day!
 May 1
Home sweet home!  The world over, there truly is no better place.
 May 2
I got the kids off to school and then Aiden and I set out to fill up our empty fridge.  He loves to weigh all of our produce.  He was in the middle of doing so when a woman came over to do the same.  I motioned for her to cut in with her one little bag, but she declined.

Instead, she watched, fascinated while Aiden continued.  When he got to my avocado, it was above zero, but not at one.  Puzzled, he questioned me so I threw out the whole fraction concept to him.  He grasped onto "half" as if it completely made sense.

Finally, we said goodbye to the lady and she laughed and said, "Good luck, Einstein!"
Aiden had to have this guy he spotted at the grocery store.  I told him I'd buy it, but he'd have to do work to earn it.  (Its quite possible that prospect excited him more than the toy).  I had him wash some windows and do some sweeping, which he did without complaint, but then he said, Mom, do you have any WORK, like (shrugging shoulders) digging a trench or something?

Yes, Aiden, I was really hoping to have a small trench in the middle of the backyard...go for it!  :)
 Silly kids at bedtime.
May 3
All-day opening day festivities for T-ball and softball.  Shaun had the kids for the day while I was at a wedding.

(I snagged this photo off of FB and don't know who gets the credit).  Aiden reported his favorite part was singing the national anthem.  The girls played in their very first game and Avery made the only out of the game by fielding a ball at first base.

 I was second shooter at the wedding, which meant I got to hang with the guys (in uniform!).  Tough job.  :)


sara said...

the sunset picture is breathtaking!! I am so glad you had a fun relaxing time in FL!!

Seeing Aiden with his buzzed head brings back so many memories of my boys. I loved the feel of their heads in the summer when their hair was buzzed!! sweet memories!

Amy said...

I love the Einstein at store story and digging trench story. What a guy!!!

The Bug said...

That Aiden - as usual he cracks me up.

I agree - that sunset picture is gorgeous!