Friday, June 6, 2014

Dog Training

Last evening, Amanda came to me:

Me and Aiden are playing really nice outside (notable because usually when they pair up Amanda pushes his buttons and he still responds every.single.time).

I noticed.  In fact, I went out to tell you it was time to get ready for bed but noticed you were playing so nicely, I decided to let you go longer.

Yeah, we're playing dog training.  Would it be alright if I used one of my hairbrushes?

You mean on Aiden?

No, on Trot.

(In that split second before "no!" came out of my mouth, I know what?  She is here asking me.  This is remarkable.  Almost always her policy is "its easier to ask for forgiveness later than for permission now".  So I said, Sure.  Just put it in the sink when you're done so we can run it through the dishwasher.

As she started skipping off I said, Oh and Amanda?  Great job asking me first.

She turned around, Puh!  (as if I've just insinuated the craziest thing) I would NEVER do that without asking.

Several minutes later, Avery and I were sitting down to read together when she looked out the window.

Oh. My. Gosh!  Amanda is using a REAL hairbrush for dog training!!  One of OUR brushes!  That is SO gross!  I am NEVER using that brush in my hair.  EVER.  Eww!

Never dull around here!  :)