Sunday, June 22, 2014

Project 365, Week 25

Happy Summer!!  We were driving last night and it was nearly 10 PM before it was completely dark...the shortest night of the year.  We intend to enjoy this season fully....we got a good start this week.

June 15
Father's Day!  We celebrated with a family day at home.  R and I made breakfast, Shaun and the kids put together a model airplane, we launched a rocket, bought a new grill and cooked on it, watched the Sox game and Shaun and I ended with a movie for two.

So thankful for this guy who takes good care of us and is purposeful and wise in all his ways.

 Avery found this idea on Pinterest and then followed a Youtube tutorial on how to make it, all on her own.

 June 16
My dad and I got some time together, too.  He is an avid bicyclist so we did a bike path in the area on a gorgeous late spring morning.  This little swamp was quite active with wildlife.
 Busy kids.

 June 17
This week we did the final push at the old house in preparation for our tenants moving in the end of the week.  Shaun and Aiden stopped work for a squirt gun fight.
 Sarah stopped by and we got to snuggle with this little munchkin, who is too sweet.  And now with heart-melting grins, too.

 Work late into the evening, with some more water action.
 June 18
FINALLY!  I've had a countdown to school out since the 100th day of school and finally one last school morning!

 The old house, ready for someone else to live in it and hopefully love it.
 Noon dismissal.  YAY for summer!!
 Somewhere in there, we were able to throw a few things in duffel bags and head out on vacation to Maine.  Hmm...where to put the dumb dog??
 June 19
First morning on the lake!
 June 20
Cousins!  Love this crew so much!
 June 21

Many pictures of Maine to follow!  Hope your week is great as we finish this first half of the year!


RaD said...

The last day of school is always so exciting! I'm surprised your kids got out so late though. It seems like mine are always the last ones out for the summer in the blogging world.

I wanna live in your old house! Too bad we are so many, many states apart!

The Bug said...

LOVE that picture of Shaun & Aiden in the water fight - hilarious! Looking forward to your Maine photos!