Monday, June 9, 2014

Project 365, Week 23

Monday is the new Sunday, apparently.  :)

June 1
I should have done a separate post this past week about our new ZIP LINE!! but I didn't so its here now.  Sunday was so much fun!

Pillars of Fire was done at Christian Life Church, so we went to see that.  After, we had 20ish people over for lunch.  We joke about how people we don't know come to our house often and no one ever knocks (those who do may stand outside for a very long time), but this was the first time I ever walked into my kitchen to find someone cooking who I'd never seen before.  Just another typical day at our house!

 The person who I'd never met, in addition to cooking, was also the very first one to go down the zip line.  Nathan ran alongside every person, acting as the brakes right before the big tree.

 The light!!

 "Aiden, just try'll love it!"
 Yeah...SO much fun.  :)

 I love this shot because you can see our neighbor friends rounding the corner as they do most evenings.  They are so, well...normal and they just never know what is going to be happening at our house or who is going to be here....but we haven't scared them away yet.  :)
 It'd been about a week since I'd seen them and I was shocked at how much their "baby" had changed.  Suddenly, she looks like a little girl!
 June 2

Hot dad watching his girls play softball.

 This just looks so natural.
 Always instructing.

 June 3
Hard to believe, but again this year birds made their nest in the tree right by the driveway and the back door, with constant traffic.   The cardinals could have saved years on their life by building it in a more secluded spot.  Three little babies have hatched!
It recently occurred to me that Aiden is big enough to walk and doesn't need to ride in the stroller for the couple block's walk to get the girls.  I enjoy holding his hand and he enjoys talking.  :)

 In lieu of doing the zip line this week, Aiden took an interest in photography.  I set it up on the tripod and let him capture the world from his point-of-view.

 June 4
And sometimes he just runs.  In cleats.  On the cement.  Also, school is almost out!!
 Shaun had the genius idea of incenting the girls to practice catch with each other.  Once they have done it a certain number of times in a row from a certain distance, we all go to DQ.  There was a lot of practicing going on this week, and working together.
 June 5
Amy brought her kids and Juliet over for some play time.  So good to have Juju around!

 June 6
The kids "saved" a "callapiter" from a "spider's web" and made him a special home.  Aiden said Fuzzy was very happy in Callapiter Town.  :)

 End of the year recognition night, or Rewards Night as Aiden called it, for the kids Friday Night activities.  Its such an amazing program that we all look forward to each year.  Shaun and I because we get 1.5 hours of babysitting and the kids because they all love their teachers and the classes they are in.

Nathan did an quick change out of his roofing clothes and into his commander uniform
Aiden's class of three 3&4 year-olds recited a verse.  He has loved his time in Rainbows, but is over-the-top excited about moving up to Royal Rangers next year.  They go hiking and camping and building and lots of cool boy stuff.

Amanda was part of a group of super sweet girls.
Forty-five minutes of each week is dance class for the girls so they performed what they had learned.  Avery knew all her dance moves.

It is SUCH a great program!  Consider letting your kids try it out when it starts back up in September!
 June 7
Lots of roofing again this week as the weather permitted.
 T-Ball...another favorite activity.
 Hanging out at the field and babysitting.
 First swim of the season for us in cousin's pool!
 Amanda was "last man standing" in the still-chilly water.


Amy said...

Remarkable to look through your week and to see that I was a part of TWO days! Whoa! Almost like the good ole days! Love the shot of the two boys in the towel :) Thought it was funny that you noted Nathan's clothing on Friday night, but did not explain Ray's green shorts combo :)

Meg A. said...

LOVE the one of R & A in the towel! And all the zip-line photos are awesome! We had something similar growing up and logged many, many hours on it...such fun!

sara said...

we had a zip line growing up..we called it a monorail...and loved it. looks like your family is having just as much fun!!

The Bug said...

We had a zip line too - and I didn't enjoy it as much then as I probably would now. It was in a cow pasture & I was afraid of the cows - ha!