Sunday, June 15, 2014

Project 365, Week 24

Happy Father's Day!  So thankful for my husband, the dad of our house.  Watching him love and train our kids fills me with joy and as I watch him father the fatherless, I am inspired to be a better person.  He has a huge heart full of compassion, generosity, grace....a gift to our family.  Love you, Shaun.

June 8
Sunday was a nice, quiet day at home.  R built a bike stand to help organize the kids bikes.
 Amanda spotted Avery and I sweeping and thought the way we were doing it in the same motion was picture worthy.  I love that my kids are taking snapshots in their minds!
 And that they are still little enough to find great enjoyment from the kiddie pool.

 June 9
Great-grandpa's mind is so sharp still but sadly his hearing is awful.  Somehow he's always able to hear, Great-grandpa, may we please have some cookies?

This day I had a flashback to when Avery was just little, and every visit Great-Grandpa would slyly suggest a cookie to her, just to enjoy her reaction.  As you might imagine, it didn't take long to train her, and the other kids that followed.

This day I wondered how many of his cookies the kids have consumed and couldn't help but be so grateful for the time together that they represent.
 Girls game.

 June 10
Two of three blossoms that happened this year out of three plants.  Better luck next year!
 The night before, Aiden stayed up late with Shaun watching a "war commercial", aka WWII documentary.  He was FULL of stories for me the next day, all day.

Out in the yard, he was telling me that grenades are real and he was showing me how the soldiers would hide in the tall grass and then run and take cover behind a tree.

My before-I-was-a-parent ideals did not include guns or swords or a fascination with war.

 June 11
My camera, my baby!  Earlier in the week I was downstairs doing laundry and I heard a crash.  When I walked into the kitchen the kids said Aiden had been swinging the jump rope and it had pulled my camera right off the kitchen table onto the floor.

Aiden was no where to be found.  Apparently Amanda had advised him to flee the scene and go outside.  :)

I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

This day Aiden and I drove the hour to drop it off at the repair shop, where it will be for the next two weeks.
 These three were walking shoulder to shoulder and I thought, won't be long until Aiden has a backpack strapped to him, too.

 Avery could not have been more excited to discover her Amazon shipment had arrived...she had carefully shopped for and ordered four books with her own money.  The Space Encyclopedia was her early favorite.
 June 12
Sweet nappy boy.
 June 13
Though we have three more half days to finish up, this was the last day of uniforms.
 There's a little more knee showing than there was in September.
 End-of-the-season pizza party.  The girls had such a positive first-time experience playing softball.  They had four great coaches and made a lot of progress while having fun with some other sweet girls.
 June 14
Last day of T-ball.  I hope he always send a wave and a smile to his momma on the sidelines.

 From the field, the girls and I went to Madison and Trevor's dance recital.  SUCH a great show and especially fun because Madison is in about every third dance and is a standout.  She has such a gift!  The cousins were SO happy to be together, too.


sara said...

I can not believe how much the girls have grown in a year!!

The Bug said...

Well the flowers you DID get are lovely! And I would have been just as excited as Avery about getting books. Although even at that age I was all about the fiction :)

Amy said...

I read through thinking 'this seems like a very normal week'. I hope you're feeling that way. Isn't it wonderful to have everything wrapping up for the year?! Sorry about your camera :(